Saturday, February 12, 2011

FBI File Reveals Little On U.S. Senator's Perjury Case

Ted Stevens Was convicted of lying on financial disclosure forms, but beat the case when a federal judge tossed it out because of prosecutors withholding evidence during the trial

Juneau - The FBI released a 3,600-page file compiled during the career of U.S. Senator Ted Stevens (R-AL).

Material in the file included documents regarding the rocks and shoals of his stormy service as a U.S. Attorney, as well as correspondence with the Bureau, and revealed little about the conviction he received for lying on financial disclosure forms about gifts, including renovations to his Alaska home.

Aside from many news clippings about the case, there is little mention of the allegations of complaint or of the details of alleged crime.

A federal judge later tossed the case after finding that prosecutors withheld evidence during the trial.

Senator Stevens died in an airplane crash in his home state after serving Alaska for 40 years in the Senate.

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