Friday, February 18, 2011

School District Has No Problem With Violence!

Centerville – You should have seen the other guy.

Christine Brantley, a junior at Centerville High School, went to the hospital on November 5 after Jacob Sowell grabbed her in computer class, put her in a choke hold, and dropped her on her face after she lost consciousness.

Doctors closed a gash with 10 stitches, examined 5 broken teeth, and wired her broken jaw shut.

The medical bills amounted to $6,000.

“She asked him twice to let go,” her mother told the school board last night. “Well, she couldn't talk no more because everything had been cut off, so she started slapping him and then that's it...she went out.”

The other guy, a muscular youth named Jacob Sowell, got 5 days in-school suspension; following this sole punishment, school officials returned him to classes.

“He still got to go to school,” Ms. Brantley said. “He wasn't around his friends, but he still got to do his work while my daughter was sitting at home in pain, couldn't talk, and drinking her foot out of a straw.”

The President of the Centerville Independent School District Board of Trustees said the school system has no problem with violence.

I must agree. They seem to take it all in stride.

No problem.

Just let him put his meat hooks on one of mine.

There won't be any problem then, either; I assure you, no problem whatsoever.

- The Legendary

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