Friday, February 18, 2011

Mexican Congressman Fears U.S. Plans An Invasion

Federal deputy Porfirio Muñoz Ledo,* of the Labor Party (PT) suspects the U.S. Is planning an invasion of Mexico.

"We are living days more threatening by insecurity, and now the open threat of a direct invasion by the United States government in the life of Mexico," said the deputy.

Muñoz Ledo said that statements by U.S. authorities, which affirm that the fight against organized crime in Mexico represents a threat to their homeland security, are "a threat" to Mexicans.

"For months U.S. officials have talked about the dangers the drug war represents to their own homeland security; for some time they have compared us with Colombia, a country that ten years ago received support and U.S. Army military bases," he added.

Muñoz Ledo called for the people of Mexico to react to these aggressions in a demonstration called by René Bejarano.

"Now they say it involves terrorism from the other side of the border, equating us with Afghanistan; the Mérida Plan to the Colombia Plan to Afghanistan," he said.

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