Sunday, February 27, 2011

Rahsaan Roland Kirk - Make 'em work, make 'em work...

Roland Kirk came from the midwest where he was accidentally blinded when he was still a young boy.

He is an arranger, composer, and interpreter of the only true American musical idiom - jazz - of the saxophonic type. Somehow, Mr. Kirk has found a way to play as many as three horns simultaneously and often solos on flute between choruses of fiery and smoking le jass hot as it leaves multicolored vapor trails in the night sky with its radial waves of double-4, be-bop-a-rooni-tooni, and other vibratory trajectories of audionic energy. Mr. Kirk often speaks of an invisible whip that motivates us all to frenzied heights of self-induced and ecstatic romping and stomping upon the sphere. Concert-goers at Newport and Montreux have long marveled at his audacious and bodacious ways, so much so that he is a Legendary character from the big muddy pantheon that drains this wild old continent, The New World. All hail Rahsaan. He hath prepared many paths upon which we might tread in our dainty little golden slippers, dear hearts.

And other words to that effect.


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