Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mubarak Going Nowhere, Only Delegating Authority

“I will not hesitate to punish those responsible" for violence , he told listeners in speech of abdication

Cairo – As if flipping a switch, according to foreign correspondents on hand in Liberation Square, the mood of the hundreds of thousands gathered to hear the capitulation speech of President Hosni Mubarak went from jubilation to extreme anger.

Within a few seconds, it was obvious from the President's words that he meant to go nowhere, but to hold on to power by designating most of his former dictatorial authority to newly-appointed Vice President Suleiman and other military leaders chosen to replace the former cabinet ministers of the beleaguered Mubarak government.

Mr. Mubarak had announced he was stepping down immediately at midmorning, sending the crowds into paroxysm of joy at the announcement. They had waited a couple of hours to hear him capitulate in a speech of abdication, only to be disappointed by his announcement that his appointees would be taking over his duties.

Immediately, according to commentators who are going nameless to avoid punishment from security police, huge crowds left the public square in Alexandria where the revolutionists in that city gather to demand the ouster of President Mubarak.

They were bound for a large Air Force installation nearby to register their dissatisfaction, according to news gatherers at the scene.

President Mubarak was chief of staff of the Air Force before President Anwar Sadat appointed him Vice President. He replaced Mr. Sadat after military officers cut he and other members of the cabinet with automatic weapons fire at a military parade in 1980.

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