Tuesday, July 5, 2011

West Indian cherry 4-piece office collection - $3,995

It is unknown if the ledger book and palm frond fan depicted are part of the 895-pound suite offered for sale by a national office furniture chain – complete with free shipping.

Most such desk, chair, credenza and filing cabinet suites come in at about $2,000 - $2,500 retail.

At any rate, this is an example of what $4,000 will buy when it comes to an executive desk and chair, as recently authorized by a budget correction by the McLennan Commissioners' Court. In those arrangements, the Court typically responds to a budget request by the County Budget Officer to decrease one fund while increasing another by a similar amount.

The item is placed on the “consent agenda” along with a whole raft of other pieces of business, and the Court authorizes the whole schmeer with on swell foop by voting yeah or nay.

In this case, they included the purchase of a new desk and chair for County Judge Jim Lewis.

Today's Commissioners' Court meeting lasted only 30 minutes, according to our correspondent. Upcoming agenda items include a $5 million upgrade to radio dispatch equipment.

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