Saturday, December 29, 2012

Tea Party founder calls for civil disobedience

Cites 'betrayal' of politicians who benefitted from 2010 vote whipped up by Tea Party
Joseph Farah, author of the "Tea Party Manifesto" and founding CEO of "World Net Daily" weighed in on the national debate today, calling for massive protests designed to lead to arrests of many thousands of protesters.
...Today’s leaders – Democrats and too many Republicans as well – have tipped the scales in favor of oligarchy.
The tea party accomplished much during 2010. But it wasn’t the kind of long-lasting change we expected. Even the tea party was co-opted by politicians and those chasing the almighty dollar. But it began with all the best intentions as a grass-roots movement free of self-interested leaders. Those who did the hard organizational work simply wanted to save their country from the abyss.
As the author of “The Tea Party Manifesto,” I want to see the excitement we all experienced in 2010 re-ignited.
We had Washington running scared in 2010 – and the elections that year reflected the numbers mobilized by the tea-party movement.
However, those politicians who were the beneficiaries of that vote have betrayed us...

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