Saturday, December 15, 2012

Tail fins with the Mo-Jo Dyna-Flow Turbo Hydramatic

And you rock - and you roll...yeah...
The Cadillac Bar sat at the end of the trail to Monterrey on the high ground just the other side of the border. 
In the major arcana of the ancient book,
The Fool teeters on the edge of a cliff,
his card worth exactly zero.
Y'alll ought to be used to it by now.

Why was it there? 

Because this cat from New Orleans moved his saloon there to commemorate the historical passage of the Volsted Act - federal prohibition against sales and manufacturing of an illicit drug, beverage alcohol. What could you do there besides drink drinks and eat steaks? 

Well, you could bet a horse, change dollars to pesos, or pesos to dollars, or wire your gains to your banker in the islands, for starters. Or, that's what they explain to me. 

Before my time, but I'm the son and grandson of wheel men from the old school. 

I came by it honest. You'll get over it. I know I have, even though I have to drive around Waco. Sigh. Cough. 

My point is? Well, there's a rumor going around that most of the sons and brothers of Hiram from my branch of the family will not drive anything but a Cadillac? Why? Well, you know, Henry had this thing with the Nazis, but that's another story. Like I said, get over it.

By the way, none of the girls I go with have ever seen Galveston looking so good since way back in the fifties when we were all just a bunch of little kids. What's with giving up all the action to them red dirt bloody bones in Shreveport  and them there web-footed folks over in Mississippi?  - The Legendary (click here for a rockin' good time, y'all)
The Cadillac Bar, Nuevo Laredo

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