Friday, December 14, 2012

Rocket tail fins, big as Dallas, and jet-propelled

Classy Chassis - by the roadside
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Clifton, TX - Out in the styx, on Highway 6, there is a monument to a no-nox time of life when leaded gasoline, iron, glass, rubber and steel ruled the road - with high octane accents.

Plastics and polymer resins were still in the research stage, and the tail fins were so big and jet-propelled they were – well, kind of scary.

Near the corner of FM 219 and State Hwy 6, across the street from the Clifton Post Office, located in an old supermarket, is every car buff's dream. The out of the way barn where the cherry cream puffs de la cordon bleu await the lingering looks of love cast by afficianado eyes, free and easy for the ogling and with a small donation, any weekend auto jaunt for the man behind the wheel, just waiting while the ladies cruise antiques, art, and other stuff lead-footed daddy-o's detest.

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