Friday, December 28, 2012

Critique of Newtown shooting – guns, ammo wrong

Glock 19 - 9mm
Competition shooters allege false flag story - ammo, weapons wrong - story doesn't add up

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As at the current point and time what the narrative is on the story which claims he (Adam Lanza) used the rifle, and in one instance the claim is he hit fleeing or moving targets with the rifle. The point considered which was my first thought when it was claimed the .233 was not used was. How did kid diagnosed with aspergers syndrome (Clumsy is an apt and primary and obvious description of every patient I've known with it.) and limited if any firing range experiance and zero violent episodes suddenly develop super IDPA skills? (Defensive Pistol) To include magazine changes on the fly, with either pistols or rifle is asking a lot from someone who competes and magazine changes can be the screw up moment much of the time at IDPA. I do know very well what pistol hollowpoints do so in every article the medical examiner seems to be describing hollow-point ballistics. I also know at close range as is depected in the incident the .223 rifle is going in all likeihood pass right through the victim and not be "imbedded and mushroomed" as it takes a few meters to develop its characteristic tumble that cause them to fragment. So if the examiner is saying "designed to kill", it may be right if was hollowpoints from the pistols. I'm just not buying the story due to all the quick change occuring. There are no .223 hollowpoints produced they are all FMJ, NATO approved. Seems there are a lot of lies that he has a 10 to 15 minute period of time according to all the reports to do all this makes it improbable and the ENDS NEVER JUSTIFY THE MEANS! You heard it from me first.

IDPA is a competition handgun shooting association that uses .45 ACP ammo exclusively - The Legendary

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