Monday, December 31, 2012

Local Tea Party co-founder responds to Farah article

This YouTube video put a 10-term Congressman on the run...

Angela Cox is a co-founder of the Burleson Tea Party, which splintered and spawned her founding the Johnson County Tea Party.

She is a very active Facebooker, and mover in Tea Party circles who keeps abreast of who is running for what in central and north Texas. I asked her for her reaction to a recent call for civil disobedience printed in World Net Daily by Tea Party manifesto author Joseph Farah.

These are my questions, and I have printed Angela Cox's answers to my impromptu on-line interview below:

Any thoughts? I wonder how you feel about this item I gleaned from World Net Daily. You may notice that Mr. Farah's picture is duplicated in the old YouTube video from 3/21/10. He's in the background in that one, too. How about his belief that the Tea Parties have been "betrayed" by the Congress critters they elected in 2010? His call for more civil disobedience? Any thoughts on nullification of Obamacare? Gun control? NDAA? TSA? - The Legendary (p.s. Come on, Angela. I need the copy. You're one of the best interviews in the field because you move with the people and you've got your finger on the pulse. Something tells me the session of the Legislature coming at us in stereo will be a stormy one. ) - The Legendary

I have recently been contacted by members of the media and bloggers, requesting an interview with me on a wide range of issues ranging from civil disobedience, nullification of Obamacare gun control, NDAA, TSA, Obama's re-election and the "fiscal cliff". They have stated that they seek me out because and I quote, "You give good interviews, you seem to have the pulse of the people and you move with the people." Another one, "You spend more time with the people than you do politicians, other than targeting ones for benefit of the cause or to change their employment in DC or state. This makes you a vital source and voice."

Hmmm....a correction needs to be made here and I advised the media as well. I do not have the pulse of the people. I am merely a member of the people, who share the same principles, convictions and values as Conservatives and as Americans. If I give an interview, it is not just my words that I speak. It is the words of my fellow Americans as well that I have been privy to receive from them. See the Tea Party does not have and has never had a "Leader", one that is in charge of all. This is what makes the Tea Party so unique and it remains in control of, for and by the people. ;-)

I have advised the media just as I've advised all of you a couple of times that come 2013, it is game on and while I have technically taken a break it hasn't exactly been a complete break. I have been busy, yes indeed! My focus is on the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. I take note, name and record of all, no matter the state. I am an American and this is my country. There are no borders to being an American and I know many from across this great land, guaranteed! If they are still interested, I will speak with them come 2013!

Hey, one follow-up question. If you run for office, which one would it be? - The Legendary

The media and bloggers seem to be very interested as to if I will run for office and if so, will it be on a state or federal level. I have no comment on such at this time, but like I always say..."You never know what the next sunrise will bring!"

I shared this with all of you, not for me but so that you will come to know that the media and bloggers are still very interested in what "WE THE PEOPLE" have to say and "WE" are still a formidable force in American politics today. ;-)
See the World Net Daily article published last week by Joseph Farah by clicking here:

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