Saturday, December 1, 2012

Twenty-one vie for appointment to bench; only one of them ever elected to serve as a judge...

The McLennan County Courthouse during Reconstruction 
By The Legendary Jim Parks

They removed a constable when they could have deferred to the voters.

They gave voters elected officials they were not allowed to vote for.

They prevented the person elected taking office.

They refused to appoint the person elected by the people to fill the vacancy.

They made a job for the guy who the people fired at the polls.

Two down, one to go! - Anonymous
When Randall Scott Gates won a seat on the Precinct 6 Justice of the Peace bench in the elections of 2006, he saw all his hard work and worn-out shoe leather go down the drain to politics.
Plain and simple.
Mr. Gates, a veteran peace officer with experience in narcotics, crime scene investigation, and all around detective work, sat out his elected term of office from 2006 until 2010. He also did a creditable and credible job of chairing the board of the McLennan County Employees' Credit Union.
But he stayed busy. As a co-founder of the Waco Tea Party, he raised much hell about the way good old boy politics nullifies the will of the people, quashes their votes, overcharges them for what they get, and results in not much, if any law and order, peace and security. 
Six years later, three judges are gone from their offices – all of them resigned – and the tax collector is doing time in a State Felony Jail. They have been replaced by appointment of the Commissioners Court.
Hmmm. Reckon that's just  how they do these things at Six Shooter Junction, or, that is, Jerusalem-on-the-Brazos.
But he's still a Scoutmaster, a member of the Moody Library Board, and a social media journalist.
There is a point to this rant.
Gates is the only one of the 21 candidates for appointment who has actually written probable cause affidavits for search of premises, and the arrest of the actors upon whom he has developed information to present to a Grand Jury and obtain a conviction.
He also understands the intricacies of bench warrants, blue warrants, the likelihood of accused criminals to abscond, and the common sense mechanics that weigh on a decision as to how to place bail amounts on offenders by judging their past criminal history and the likelihood they are wanted to answer for other offenses allegedly committed in other jurisdictions. (click here for a report on the matter, information assembled by Gates)
He drove that old gas hog squad car with a mobile data terminal riding shotgun for a number of years. Knows the drill.
As Nicolo Machivelli once wrote, you should never do an injury to man unless it is so devastating that he can never truly recover from it.
This old boy is alive and kicking, meaner than ever, and raring to go. He's got another bad habit. He just won't tolerate ceramics in the dialect of high glaze. Tells it like it is.
I'm just saying.
And I can't wait for the vicious, the lame, the just plumb plug ugly and ignorant to get started with their little rant.
You all can be replaced, too, even if you are all named Anonymous and have a lot of kinfolks. There is never a shortage of professional mourners, y'unnastan'? 

Besides, Steve Munisteri and Ted Cruz got quoted in "The New Yorker" saying either the Republican Party goes for the Hispanic vote, or it becomes as much of a rump party, trumped like the GOP in California, as the Whigs became in their day. 

C'est la guerre... - The Legendary
The names of the other applicants:
(According to the Lib Trib, the people up at the Courthouse were having a very busy day and just hadn't had time to gather the information on who these folks really are. Uh, yeah, right.)
Walter H. “Pete” Peterson
Judson Griffis
William F. “Fred” Brown
Angel de J. Gavito
Nina Patterson
John E. Fugate
Jose R. Villanueva
Denton B. Lessman
Sandra Michell
Gerald Villarrial
Doyle Young
Paul Wash
Jarred Hankhouse
Tony Uzzell
William Patrick Jones
Gary William Cunha
Bryan Henson
Joshua Tetens
Galen B. Edwards
R.S. Gates
Joel Douglas Froneberger
Good luck, folks...


  1. If Gates was to get appointed are you going to start a pool on how many Open Records Requests he will get during his first month in office. :-)

  2. Now, there's a thought. Five bucks a square, winner takes all? Should be a time limit, such as the life of the appointment. He says he will not seek re-election, so the pool should run for the length of the unexpired term... - The Legendary (p.s. Thank you for the suggestion. Reminds of a story by Brett Harte. He was on a press junket, riding a new passenger service on a spur line in the Sierras. The grades were so steep, he said he asked the Conductor if he was opposed to suggestions if offered in a kindly way. Told to go ahead, he said he wondered if it wouldn't have helped to put the cow catcher on the caboose to prevent one of the beasts from wandering on board and injuring one of the passengers... )

  3. Mashek already promised Peterson the spot. Felton was Petersons campaign manager and Perry is Pro law enforcement. I guess they have to go through the motions to make it look good.
    How are ext Wednesdays headlines going to read. I think at least three people know the answer.

  4. Lucky three! What about the rest of us? Dost thou not agree? This is a bit feudalistic, no? The Lords of the Palace hold court, appoint a magistrate, and have done with it. Such a deal. - The Legendary

  5. Having Gates in the courthouse would be a huge step backwards for the county. Whoever said that a person is at their best on their resume, evidently did not count on The Legendary writing a better brand of fiction for Gates. There were reasons why Gates has been pushed out of almost every group he's been a part.

  6. Well, don't quit there, Anonymous. What are those reasons? While you're at it, tell us all where The Legendary wrote fictive accounts of the news. Where, when, and you can let the people decide on why, if you please.

    Funny, now, how being Anonymous brings out the yella in people.

    One thing for sure, though, it doesn't take much courage or moral fiber to accuse when no one can put a name or a face with your baloney, now, does it?

    Old Leon put it best. "Lady in waiting, what are you waiting for? If Satan stands watching, don't worry, he's seen it before..."

    Nah, you're just another voice in the dark, another face in the mob. A gutless, stupid part of a big, mean animal that can't handle freedom without metal detectors and Taser guns, confidential informers and a nasty little concealed weapon with a whole bunch of paperwork signed, sealed and delivered by the cops. Just remember, your gun permit came from the same authority that signed one for Al Capone and Huey P. Long - and other fine, upstanding citizens of that type.

    Babbit would be so proud of you. Bask in the reflected glory of it all, Mr. Anonymous. I hope you're happy in your gutless, anonymous little world. How many pieces of silver did it take for them to buy you out? - The Legendary