Monday, March 5, 2012

Bedpan bassist recalls 48 hours in Atoka...

Outlaw country a dying art form?
A thing of the past?
Pish, posh and fiddle faddle

Darrell Burk doing a Merle Haggard classic

Tokio Store – Burnie Miller is semi-retired, says outlaw country is a dying art form, and is resigned to memories of the wilder side of life.

However, when that evening sun goes down, etc., etc.

Listen to the story, here and now, of 48 hours in Atoka. It may stir fond memories, make you want to move the peg, get up and shake a leg, dance, boogie, woogie, and everything. (click here for a David Allan Coe interview - read all about it)

Return with us now to those stunning days of yesteryear, when Buck Naked and the Jaybirds roamed the lost highways of the southwest, playing and string-banding their way throughout the prairie at dances far and wide.

Western swing by Butch Giddens and son Dave at Al's Tokio Store Musicians' Reunion

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