Saturday, March 10, 2012

Meth: Who's minding the store? No one, that's who...

Anonymous Mar 9, 2012 02:28 AM

I feel that your readers should know that currently there is NO narcotics investigation being done @ the Sheriff's office. Complaints are fielded by deputies and the deputies are INSTRUCTED to simply take a report and shuffle it off to the DPS narcotics division and let THEM handle it. There is no officer(s)assigned narcotics as a priority. Fact is, several were certified to dismantle clanestine lab (meth) which is a requirement and extremely expensive task monitored by OSHA and the Feds. These officer's certificates have expired and the equipment is unaccounted for. "we will look into it" is the general answer when you report it. Dont let spin cloud your information when you listen to the debates. a few detectives that "use to be involved in narc" currently working normal cases is what they are saying stands for that area. Tokens as far as "administration" is concerned. Do your own homework if you want to know.Just ask the right questions....

- Anonymous posting to "The Legendary"

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