Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mystery man in white Chevy van seen snatching signs

New Jersey registration of leased truck

Waco – The date, February 21, the time, early evening, the weather – calm, fair, winds light and variable.

A man who has requested anonymity put out Parnell McNamara for Sheriff signs at his home, located in a suburban addition between the Waco Airport and China Spring.

He left to run some errands, but when he returned, he found a stranger driving a large passenger van preparing to take the signs away.

“What are you doing with those signs?” he asked the stranger.

The man said he didn't want them cluttering his property.

“Oh, this is your property? I thought the bank and I agreed it's mine,” the homeowner replied, noting the Texas license plate number on the van.

“I'm sorry, but I thought it was mine,” the stranger said, nervously, and hurried to make his getaway in the white van.

A subsequent check showed the Texas tag number on the 2010 model Chevy Express, AL 40759, is registered to a New Jersey leasing company, ARI Fleet LT, of 9000 Midlantic Dr., Mt. Laurel, New Jersey.

When contacted, the official in charge of fielding all such inquiries for the corporation's safety office said the vehicle is leased to Washington Inventory Services, an international corporation with headquarters in San Diego, California. The van is in use by the Round Rock branch of the company, which uses it to haul inventory crews to retail outlets in order to perform inventory services.

Officials at the company did not return phone calls to their headquarters location.

The Parnell McNamara campaign organization has reported a large number of missing banners, yard signs, and large pasture signs in the area of Bosqueville and China Spring. Retired U.S. Deputy Marshal Parnell McNamara has reportedly declined to report the matter to the authorities, favoring an investigation and surveillance project by his ad hoc posse.

His rival in the GOP Primary for the nomination as a candidate for McLennan County Sheriff, Chief Deputy Randy Plemons, has reportedly made numerous reports of vandalism and theft of his signs to police. authorities.


  1. The van was a CEC van. CEC is working hard trying to get Plemons elected. They are afraid that if McNamara gets elected, they won't be able to drain the taxpayers of McLennan county anymore. Randy Plemons is CEC's meal ticket.

  2. So a New Jersey's company van was spotted and caught trying to take a McNamara sign. I seem to remember another New Jersey company that has white vans that have a relationship with the current Sheriff and Chief Deputy. In fact, I think they are currently making a lot of money, much more then budgeted, from the Sheriff and Chief Deputy. Hmmmm...

    1. Who cares about a sign and police reports get done on road signs every day so why are campaign signs any different, the public is gonna vote for who they want and obviously one or the other will win, politics brings out the worse in some people, grow up and just vote

  3. Just look at the money flowing into Plemons campaign and supporters.

    1. Good point, there does seem to be a lot of county money flowing into Plemons supporters. There's been an extra $42,000 to Hewitt PD officer in exchange for their endorsement. Then there was the attempt to hide the $385,000 over the million dollar budget that went to CEC with more on the way as they drag their feet repairing the downtown jail.

      The Sheriff race has been labelled Lawman vs Administrator. Given all the money flowing from the Sheriff's budget into Plemons supporters, I have to ask who is supposed to be the Administrator? From past records, it's not Lawman vs Administrator, it's the Lawman and Administrator vs the failed lawman and administrator

      McNamara was a highly successful Drputy Marshsl for 32 years and successfully ran a 13 county district for 15 of those years. Plemons has held a law enforcement license for 24 years without ever being on the street and he's helped run the budget of the Sheriff's Office into its recent budget problems. The facts are clear that only one man is qualified for Sheriff, McNamara.

    2. I really wish I knew who posted this so we could have a little talk. If you really think an officer is stupid enough to take a bribe just for an endorcement, you are a complete idiot!!!! First off Parnell has no law enforcemnt expirence at all. He transported prisoners(he was a baby sitter). What happens if The LAWMAN does not pass TCLEOSE? Then what? I guess my point is your talking crap and yet there is no proof. Nut up or shut up. And second off I have seen a lot of people who are getting involved and worried about who the next Sherrif of McLennan County is going to be who do not even live in McLennan County; including you Mr. Parks. If you really cared maybe you should ask the people that work for the sherrif's office now, sit down and have a talk with them. But no, talking crap is much easier and digging into his personal life which has nothing to do with the kind of sherrif he would be. Trust me I am sure if people dug into the past of everyone on here talking shit we could find stuff on you too. Plemons has my vote and the vote of my family any day of the week. I am sure this post will not stay up long because it will offend people who support Parnell and it will get deleted.


    3. after approval, im sure it wont get approved........... JJII

    4. JJII, I guess you have done no research. McNamara has received the top award given by the US Marshal's Service for his "investigative" work on the McDuff case. Sheriff Lynch himself gave McNamara an award for his law enforcement service to the McLennan County Sheriff's Office, I was there. I was also there for the awards he got for his service to the Secret Service, DEA, and Texas DPS. None of those agencies give awards for transporters. McNamara has documented cases listed on his website as to his experience in law enforcement that all contain his experience and contributions that go well beyond the role you disingenuously attempt to paint McNamara. So there appears to be quite a bit of proof that you have idea what you are talking about. Here's a list of cases McNamara has been a part of in addition to the McDuff case; U.S.A. vs. Jimmy Chagra, U.S.A. vs. Divine, U.S.A. vs. Charles Harrelson, U.S.A. vs. Sherman Fields. His involvement in these case has even been featured on crime specials and series.

      No one has dug into Plemons personal life and considering that Plemons is running on the platform he knows how to manage money, his personal finances are subject to public review as per the law that requires a Sheriff to disclose those finances. Since he's supposed to manage $26 million budget, that fact he can't manage an $8,000 credit card is a big deal.

      As for the TCLEOSE exam, he's already passed the federal exam. It covers a lot more the the TCLEOSE, coming from someone who has passed both. And yes, officers are stupid enough to take bribes. In fact, the whole reason McNamara had to be involved in the Sherman Fields case to begin with was because he bribed his way out of jail. In Jackson, MS, there are 3 officers charged with accepting bribes that is as recent as last month.

      So there seems to be plenty of physical proof discounting all of your arguments, and I would suggest you do some research next time before making yourself a fool of yourself by accepting what Plemons and Lynch are telling everyone. Oh, and I have talked to many people in the Sheriff's Office. Many are for McNamara, they just can't and won't say so publicly or around other department employees, because they don't want to be banished to the jail.

      But go ahead and vote for Plemons, he's counting on weak minded, gullible people like yourself.

  4. Wow, and while all this happened Plemons makes the biggest bust of his career, the highly dangerous puppy mill! With the help of the SO chopper and 20 deputies. Then he got a shot on tv in uniform. What a deal, I guess he had to take a break from his real crime fighting,.....oh wait a minute, I forgot, he never really has done any of that has he.

  5. Give Plemons a break, he was excited about finally making his first bust after 24 years. Still the chopper for a puppy farm? I wonder if he would have called in the armored assault vehicle for a traffic stop.

    Well Plemons now has one case. What a lawman.

    And what money flowing into the Plemons campaign? McNamara still has twice his money. I hear McNamara has doubled his January total. That would be 4 times what Plemons has raised.

    1. Denise, BU '99April 11, 2012 at 5:07 AM

      Is Plemons certain these puppies didn't "accidentally" do this to themselves, like the Baylor student found burned to death in back of his car?

      ...Because, otherwise, there's a lot of man hours, paperwork & real investigative proble-solving to do, and it just wouldn't be right to allow that to distract from his important campaigning on the clock...or his rap music! Agreed Mr. P-Lemons?

  6. People who are supporting Plemons at this point are 1. Totally uninformed and do not care to know the facts. 2. Being promised something by Plemons or his camp. Most people are out for one thing; Themselves.

    Plemons is truly a disgrace. I'm embarrassed for him. He is obviously desperate.

  7. I have heard several "current employees" say they are being harassed if they do not support Plemons....therefore to save face they appear to be Plemons backers, but actually are voting for Parnell when the time comes. Intimidation is not a very good political stand to take.

  8. All of that taxpayer money being used for a photo op. No wonder Plemons is already over budget by $385,000 for the year and projected to be another $1.8 million by the end of the end. In the video, I think I saw almost as many Sheriff cars as are usually downtown or putting up Plemons signs.

    I wonder how many rural residnets couldn't get a response while Plemons was having his photo op. This is a total disgrace to everything the Sheriff's Office should be standing for.

    The really sorriest part of this circus, a dozen cars and patrol deputies, news cameras, and helicopter; but there wasn't even an arrest. Not a single arrest for all those resources being wasted, just for Plemons to get in front of the camera to look like a lawman. I guess he just hasn't been taking all the oppotunities that have presented themselves has the Sheriff budget he has so proudly proclaimed to be the master of, has taken a nose dive.

  9. Maybe Randy needs to go get the McNamara sign off of Plemons dads gate post.

  10. Randy Plemons is a pathetic, desperate, excuse for a man......We need a real man as Sheriff. That's all I have to say.

  11. Are these adults that are posting on this blog? Are they involved in law enforcement or our justice system in some way or another? Some of this sounds like middle school gossip and name calling.

    Someone needs to do their homework on the magnitude of force exerted on crimes in progress without regard to severity. Even a wet 3 pound dog in a garage mistaken for a possible rabid squirrel can bring 5 police cars to you neighborhood, especially if you live in a nice area. I often wonder what happens when there is an event on the East side.

    Don't forget that hair-pulling and spitting are assault and with the current regime, those actions will be considered felonious behavior. And, good luck on the aftermath of all that nonsense.

    I am a McNamara supporter, but I will early vote for the first time. I certainly don't want to get in the midst of a possible uniformed ruckus at the polls on election day.

  12. I can't speak for others, but I am involved in the Judicial system, and have close relatives that are part of law enforcement.
    I am definitely stating the facts on here. The taxpayers need to know the facts so that hopefully they will make an informed and educated decision at the polls.
    Unfortunately, Waco media seems to be biased and as usual, does not speak the truth. Everything is extremely sugar coated. They obviously aren't serious journalists. Plemons and his people have also been lying on a regular basis.
    I agree that only the facts need to be discussed on here, or anywhere else.
    As far as childish, unprofessional behavior goes, Plemons gave us an example of that at the debate when he snickered and rolled his eyes everytime McNamara spoke. That behavior should be enough to indicate the intellect that Plemons has.

  13. Plemons is like a 45 year old child. I've heard rumors that when he used to work security at HEB, he would call out friends on the store PA system. I remember hearing these and just thought the were store code for something.

    Plemons can't tell the truth, nor does he begin to have the maturity level to represent McLennan County in so high an office. I see why everyone says that he was a good D.A.R.E officer, because he's on the same level as the kids.

  14. Plemons can't hold a candle to Parnell in terms of experience, maturity or intellect .... Soon this too shall pass and we can't rest easy when McNamara is our sheriff.