Friday, March 16, 2012

Sergeant who killed 16 Afghanis upset over deployment

Seattle - The attorney for an unnamed Army sergeant accused of killing 16 Afghanis in a personal rampage is said to have been upset over a redeployment to the troubled nation following three tours in Iraq.

According to his attorney, Army authorities are discussing seeking the death penalty in prosecution of the man, who has been accused of seeking out his victims in two villages near his duty station. He said the individual so accused was very upset after seeing a fellow soldier's leg blown off the previous day.

Members of his family have been transferred to a community south of Ft. Lewis for their own protection. They told their attorney that the accused had been promised he would not be rotated back into the combat zone in his next duty station.

Taliban negotiators reportedly broke off discussions with U.S. diplomats seeking a peace agreement with the hard line Muslim jihadists following the attack, which allegedly left many children dead.

U.S. Army engaging Taliban insurgents "Everywhere you don't wanna be"

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