Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sheriff candidate admits 1999 credit card lawsuit

“It was a one-time thing” - Plemons

Waco – KWTX Channel 10 reporter Allison Ignacio interviewed Chief Deputy Randy Plemons at length about a series of financial troubles that stem from a 1998 credit card billing dispute.

He is a candidate running for the Republican nomination against retired Deputy U.S. Marshal Parnell McNamara.

Deputy Plemons admitted that when he was charged more interest than what he thought his original agreement with Providian Bank called for – an initial penalty of 23% interest, according to a lawsuit filed in McLennan County Court at Law - he stopped making payments and received an additional $3,000 in attorney's fees and interest for his trouble.

Subsequently, he has taken out two home equity loans, according to court records.

Reportedly, when he sat down with the television reporter, he at first tried to deny his involvement, but when she confronted him with information she gleaned from “The Legendary” blog site and from documents shared with her by “The Legendary,” he recanted his initial denial.

He told Ms. Ignacio in an on-camera interview that his problems from more than 10 years ago should not have any bearing on his ability to handle a $27 million annual operating budget in his management of the 370-person department.

Be sure and read the Anonymous posting at the end of this story. - The Legendary


  1. I feel that your readers should know that currently there is NO narcotics investigation being done @ the Sheriff's office. Complaints are fielded by deputies and the deputies are INSTRUCTED to simply take a report and shuffle it off to the DPS narcotics division and let THEM handle it. There is no officer(s)assigned narcotics as a priority. Fact is, several were certified to dismantle clanestine lab (meth) which is a requirement and extremely expensive task monitored by OSHA and the Feds. These officer's certificates have expired and the equipment is unaccounted for. "we will look into it" is the general answer when you report it. Dont let spin cloud your information when you listen to the debates. a few detectives that "use to be involved in narc" currently working normal cases is what they are saying stands for that area. Tokens as far as "administration" is concerned. Do your own homework if you want to know.Just ask the right questions.

  2. Right questions:

    1. Names of officers whose meth lab dismantlement certification has expired.
    2. Name of federal and state agencies with which officers were certified.
    3. What happened to precursor chemical evidence seized prior to expiration?
    4. How was it disposed of and by what hazmat disposal firm?
    5. How many manufacturing cases still pending and where is evidence?
    6. To where are MCSO reports forwarded once taken?
    7. Do such reports involve evidence?
    8. If so, is there good chain of custody of that evidence?
    9. When did this policy go into effect, that of taking reports and referral to DPS?
    10. How many such cases have been thus referred?
    11. How many arrests have been effected by corresponding agencies?
    12. How many indictments and subsequent convictions have been thus obtained?
    13. Most important question of all: Can I buy you a cup of coffee?

    Overall impression: Tends to play hell with uncleared crime rate statistics if reported. If unreported, why?

    - The Legendary

  3. And this is a man who wants us to trust him with a $26 million budget? I wouldn't trust him with my lunch money after reading this. I hope the Texas Rangers finish with Buddy Skeen soon, so they can go after Plemons, Lynch, and Kolenik. No wonder Plemons and company are lying, cheating, and stealing to keep McNamara out of office, they are all afraid that unlike him he will actually have deputies execute warrants and one of them will be on them.

    Let's get these criminals out of office once and for all!!

  4. I heard because of Gates bringing all of their criminal activity to light, that the Plemons camp is deep into planning a character assissination on McNamara. Haven't they already been trying to do that? People have told me that Lynch and Plemons have both told them everything from McNamara was only a prison guard to he was never a real Deputy Marshal despite what history and paperwork show. I know they received illegal copies of personal and financial information about major McNamara supporter Ranger Matt Cawthon in an attempt to try to ruin him. I sure hope McLennan County voters take a close and careful look at Plemons and his shady history and send a message they will no longer tolerate an "administrator" of his ilk in office.

  5. @Anonymous 9:25am - More power to them. I have filed public information act requests with the Department of Justice, Texas Commission on Law Enforcement and tons more work. What did I find out? Everything Parnell said was supported by the documentation. If Parnell is elected, it will be the most boring department in the state. At least from the viewpoint of a political activist. Randy Plemons and his affiliates, on the other hand, are a gold mine. Copy and paste this one in your browser:
    You just can't make stuff like this up!

  6. Telling video, Mr. Gates!

    Lewis asks if Plemons spent the money but didn't have it.
    Plemons responds: "What happened was, the Sheriff's Office has spent more of the part-time budget than it has."

    That's a YES! He can not maintain a balanced budget!

    Lewis asks again WHY Plemons continued to spend, knowing "when you were already in the hole, you stayed in the hole and dug the hole deeper?"
    Plemons sidesteps by acting as if he's unclear about the SAME question.
    He refuses to explain WHY HE DUG THE HOLE DEEPER and plays dumb when in the hot seat!

    SLEAMC & Hewitt, do you really want this guy deciding "what resources" you get out in the field he's never worked, when he can't manage his own credit cards, lies about his identity, and can't explain why he chose to spend SO money you didn't have?? I can only assume Mr. Garrett's either under duress or simply on the take, if he's willing to stand up for this administrative nightmare... Wake up men!

  7. This video may also be found at:

    - The Legendary

  8. The way I heard it, Mr. Garrett is afraid that if elected Parnell will come after him for the shooting of one of Parnell's nephew's pet deer, that Garrett has bragged about shooting because of its record rack.

    Makes you wonder if That must be one of those thousands of cold cases Plemons has piled in a file cabinet.

  9. I don't think if McNamara is elected it would be the most boring department in the state, other then from an activist point of view. I think on other fronts, a Sheriff's department lead by McNamara would be one of the most active, best trained, and most professional departments in the state.

    I know I've heard McNamara say that their are a lot of good people in the Sheriff's Office right now. I know he plans to see that they get the training and support they've been denied. McNamara has the know how to get the job done having been part of the Marshal Service.

    For those that don't know, the Marshal Service are some of the hardest working people in the alphabet soup of the DOJ. They arrest aggressive go after criminals. How aggressively? The Marshal Service arrests 55.2% of all federal fugitives. That over half of all federal fugitives, not just the ones caught by all the other departments (DEA, FBI, SS, etc.) In 2007, U.S. Marshals captured over 36,000 federal fugitives and cleared over 38,900 fugitive warrants. Considering the thousands of outstanding warrants that Plemons has admitted the Sheriff's Office currently holds, who do you think is more qualified to see them executed, the Chief Deputy who's allowed them to pile up, or the lawman from the organization that specializes in putting criminals in jail?

  10. Wake up Waco. Sitting all this dirt aside for a minute, let's talk facts. I was at the Sheriff's debate and learned the following. Chief Deputy Plemons asked Parnell McNamara how he planned on rebuilding the drug task force and how he would fund it. McNamara's answer was he felt the citizens of McLennan County would pay more to be a little safer. He wants to problem solve by RAISING OUR TAXES. Let's keep Randy Plemons on the job because he has the experience to manage the $26 million dollar budget. I hope all the citizens of McLennan watch the debate and see how Parnell McNamara would like to spend your tax dollars. Concerned Tax Payer of McLennan County

  11. Thank you for sharing, Mr. or Ms. Anonymous. What Parnell McNamara actually said may be found at 19:45 in this clip of the debate captured by - The Legendary

  12. It's a sad day in journalism when the "news" has to turn to a McLennan county obsessed couple of bloggers to use as their "sources"......

  13. You're kind of a sad sack, yourself, no? Welcome to hard times. - The Legendary

  14. At least what the bloggers are saying is true and factual, and they can back up everything they say with proper documentation. Plemons can't back up any of his lies. If his mouth is moving, he's lying.