Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bulk of jail budget fix to come from 'contingencies'

One week deferral nets little change in plans

Waco – McLennan County Commissioners will consider a revised budget amendment request that will still cover the bulk of a $385,020 shortfall in outside care payments to CEC, Inc., from a “contingency” fund.

The shortfall is already spent. The Court just needs to find the money to pay the bill for the private prison operator to house McLennan County prisoners in the Jack Harwell Detention Center, a privately financed project with a $50 million price tag erected with revenue bonds the Court issued without voter approval.

Last week the Court decided to defer its decision until this morning, Tuesday, March 27, to discover if there are any other alternative sources of funding in the budget.

They decided to reduce the amount they would tap the contingency fund by $100,000, to $285,020, and took the remaining $100,000 from deputy pay funds and ancillary accounts dealing with withholding taxes, Medicare payments, FICA, and the like.

The read a recap of the coverage of last week's Commissioners Court meeting, click here:http://downdirtyword.blogspot.com/2012/03/perfect-storm-throws-cec-contract-into.html

To hear a 7-minute sound byte of the discussion that took place at that time, click on the orange arrow below.


  1. Deputy pay funds? im not understanding that? Pay parity up there has been in shambles for years. Officers doing the exact same job however being payed different salaries has always been the case. Dont mention longevity because thats not what im talking about. AND THERE ARE NO INCENTIVE PAY OPPORTUNITIES. you can be the bare minimum or the cats meow on training and education...... still doesnt matter. There is NO OVERTIME BUDGET BECAUSE THE DEPUTIES DON'T GET PAID OVERTIME.....AT ALL!!!!! ALL THAT BUSH CRAWFORD RANCH,CINDY SHEEHAN CRAP.......DEPUTIES TOOK THAT ONE ON THE CHIN BECAUSE LYNCH AND PLEMMONS ORDERED THEM TO DO IT.Just ask any deputy if they were compensated??? Question is: did the county receive compensation from the feds for all that time and equipment and just use slave labor? and if they did,,how was that money allocated? hmmmmm??? So we cant seem to get the officer's pay situation straight,,,,,but we can find 100 grand from DEPUTY SALARY when the administration screws up and goes over budget on something that has nothing to do with the deputies. You people are a disgrace and i hope you get what you deserve. a SOUND POLITICAL A** whipping. Because you take advantage of the officers that represent you. RULE BY FEAR

  2. How does "officer's association" feel about that 100 thousand coming out of DEPUTY SALARY FUND...BETTER YET,,,did they even have a choice? paper tiger bunch maybe. looks good to the masses though...

  3. So the administrator can't keep his budget in line, no surprise since he doesn't have any training in this area to begin with and has firmly told everyone that the county hasn't paid for his OJT. That's great if Plemons hadn't screw things up. Perhaps he should have taken more advantage of that OJT so the taxpayers, county departments, and his own employees wouldn't be taking such a big shot on the chin. Makes you wonder how he's going to buy the Sheriff's Association endorsement now.

    Voters knowing your taxes will be going up next year, don't promote a failure like Plemons get a promotion for causing it by making him Sheriff. And if I were in one of those endorsement videos of his, I'd be ashamed and embrassed to be puttin gmy name behind such an incompetent administrator. At this point, they could get a monkey from the zoo that could screw up the budget by the $3 million that Plemons has. I just those billboards months ago, because the taxpayers have a P.Lemon as a Chief Deputy.

    McNamara has 15 years supervising the 13 county Waco District of the US Marshal Service. Plemons has 12 years of assisting a in a single county and has managed a $3 million blunder. If that is his experience, we can't afford it. Seems Plemons is no lawman, having never worked the front lines, and he has shown us he is no administrator by his continued history of financial mismanagement and then won't even show up to take ownership of his mistakes. But he can run to the paper for his "$1,000" of signs being taken down and destroyed by TxDot for illegal placement and the weather. And I would love to know who is ripping him off selling him signs for $140 a piece when everyone else is only paying $40. No wonder he has so much trouble with the budget. I guess his cohort Mr. Garrett was wrong and not everyone can do the budget, because Plemons can't.

  4. Larry Lynch needs to give back his $12,000.00 PAY FOR 12 YEARS.Bell county can run a sheriffs dept with 20 million and Plemons can not even manage a dept with 26 million now 2million more,its time to fire all the chiefs at the sheriffs dept.MAYBE LARRYS FRIENDS LIKE JUMPER CAN MAKE UP THE DIFFERENCE.

  5. Thanks Plemons for setting the stage for a big tax increase to cover your poor administrative skills. I will be voting for someone who has law enforcement experience along with real administrative experience and training. McNamara is the only candidate who has the experience and training to cover all the duties of the Sheriff. THE ONLY CANDIDATE.