Monday, March 19, 2012

Rainy day Musicians' Reunion at Al's Tokio Store

Tokio - Cody English dropped by to sit in with Casey Kelley and friends before he caught the bus out of Abbott for a quick trip to Colorado Springs playing music with family and friends.

Bill Doss teamed up with Jeff Ward and Dave Giddens on a hobo ballad, accompanied by one of Al's ceiling fans that went undiscovered until The Legendary got back to the house.

Rainy conditions, sporadic brilliant sunshine, and old friends drifting in and out - pickers and folks who really care - rounded out a relaxed day at Al's.

In the background, kids and dogs playing and running, the sound of ivory dominoes shuffling across the tables, and folks back-slapping and guaranteeing their way through a good time - the mark of a beautiful Sunday afternoon on the prairie.

But Casey Kelley woke them up with the old story, the one Willie uses to open every show, "Whiskey River," as he and Cody teamed up on the lyrics and the rain poured down on Al's tin roof.
Jeff Ward did one about one last border run, and people began to loosen up for the duration.

That's when the fast train to Georgia pulled out of the station with plenty of foldin' money in our man's pocket and a full head of steam.

T.L. Pack and Pat Richey let everyone know all about every drive-by trucker's weekend lament, and how you'd better be home by Saturday night.

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