Friday, March 30, 2012

Doctrine, motivation - Adapt, Improvise, Overcome

Captain Moonlight forging ahead with festival

Billy Joe Shaver is booked as a headliner at Moonlight Music Festival

Meridian - Plans for the Moonlight Music Festival scheduled for the Memorial Day weekend are proceeding apace, to the quick march, with a posting of ticket prices for the music show and camping at the Bosque Bottoms reunion grounds located at Hwy 22 and Hwy 6. It was a fording and pasture stop on the Old Chisholm Trail where it crossed the Bosque River.

What's more, it's smack dab on the way to Montana.


  1. Shame on Robinson. WTG Meridian & thank you!

  2. keep guns away from the old man shaver.

  3. Keep fools with switchblade pocket knives away from old man Shaver. I covered his trial from gavel to gavel, including jury selection. I'm here to tell you, man. Old man Shaver only did what he had to do. There were people there who blamed his wife for the fact that one of their cousins committed suicide. They wouldn't leave them alone about it. They kept on giving them hell and finally told B.J. Shaver to "Shut the f___ up." Mr. Shaver went on outside with the old boy when he was invited, but he tesstified that he made sure he was the first one out the door so he could adjust his vision to the dark. You'll have to let him tell you the rest of the story. It's not my place. But I do want to say it takes two to have that kind of conflict and Mr. Shaver was getting a lot of encouragement to defend himself from not one, but several antagonists that night. - The Legendary

    1. you don't carry guns in a honky tonk....honky tocks, drunks and guns don't mix.

  4. I heard you. Thanks for sharing. - The Legendary