Tuesday, March 6, 2012

GOPisForMe, Newstalk release debate format details

Waco – When Shane Warner steps up to the microphone at University High School Auditorium Wednesday evening, he will follow a carefully scripted format for a debate between Republican Primary candidates for McLennan County Sheriff and Representative of Texas House District 56.

Mr. Warner, who is on a come-back honeymoon following an earlier layoff from the Clear Channel KWTX 1230AM station, will moderate as a panel of three, which includes Duke Machado, Brad Holland, and Wesley Lloyd ask each candidate 3 pre-screened questions for a total of 6 in the 45-minute time slot alloted for each race.

That panel is meeting this evening to consider the battery of questions to be asked each candidate, Parnell McNamara and Chief Deputy Randy Plemons, and Rep. Doc Anderson and Chris DeCluitt, chairman of the Brazos River Authority.

“We want to make sure we don't have any duplications,” said Mr. Machado in a noon-time interview. “We figure there will probably be about 35 minutes of broadcast time during the 45 minutes scheduled for the on-stage appearances.

Sparks will likely fly as each candidate for the GOP nomination is allowed to ask the other one question following the panel's battery of questions.

After receiving an answer, the candidate who asked the question will be allowed to offer rebuttal to the answers they receive.

At that point, it will be in Mr. Warner's discretion whether to allow further rejoinder to the rebuttals and the subsequent answers, if any.

The debate will be simulcast by NewsTalk 1230 as it is offered on video by LiveStream by GOPIsForMe.com.

The Legendary will offer wrap-up coverage and sound bytes gleaned during the debate in these columns immediately following the program, which will be broadcast from 7 to 9 p.m. Wednesday, March 7.

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