Saturday, July 21, 2012

807 Robinson Rd., where the line forms on the right

Fancy gloves, though, wears McHeath, dear, so there's never, never a trace of red...

Matthew Ray Easley died in a local hospital. He never regained consciousness. His alleged attacker remains in custody, charged with aggravated assault. - The Legendary

Robinson car dealer Ray Easley has endured two attacks at his place of business, suffering serious head injuries both times. Police refuse to release any details without a review by the Open Records Division of the Attorney General's office, which has issued a previous ruling that held they have no right to withold public information regarding offenses and arrests.

In a 2010 beating, a suspect was charged with attempted capital murder, then released after 4 days on personal recognizance.(click here for a previous report)  A knife blade penetrated the victim's skull. 

A suspect named Donald Mills is in custody for the July 14 beating that left Mr. Easley in a coma, suffering from a fractured skull. He has been charged with aggravated assault. - The Legendary


  1. Ray Easley Was a good friend of mine and our family and I just found out about this, the only info i could find is this blog so i want to thank you and if you have any other info I would greatly appreciate it.

  2. Three men are accused of beating Mr. Easley to death. Clinton Douglas Mills was given a life sentence last Thursday . The second man Shane Tyler Simms goes to a bench trial next Wednesday at 8:30 to find out his sentence. My heart goes out to Mr. Easley's family. I thank God the jury gave CD Mills a life sentence. Nobody has the right to kill another person so brutally. The Easley family could use your support. This has taken a toll on the family and there may not be anyone to support the victums rights at court next week when Shane Tyler Simms goes to court. Nov 12 at 8:00. 3rd floor court 19 show up and show support for Ray. Lets show our support for the family. no body deserved to be beaten to death with no mercy.Sitting in the court room will let the judge and family know you want these people off the streets.