Tuesday, July 24, 2012

When seconds count, police are minutes away -

"The first problem in Aurora, Colo., was that there was this nut James Holmes in the theater with an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle.
"The second problem was, he was the only one in the theater with a gun. If somebody else at the midnight showing had been carrying, the death toll might have been significantly lower.

They don’t call a gun “the equalizer” for nothing.
"Not even liberal Democrats are as determined to gut the Second Amendment as they used to be. It doesn’t poll well, because Americans have figured it out — more stringent gun-control laws are only going to deter law-abiding citizens, not criminals.
"You saw what happened Friday in Colorado after the massacre. For every one person who went to a candlelight vigil, a dozen drove to their local gun shop.
"Fill in your own NRA bumper sticker here:
"...And my favorite: When Seconds Count, Police are Minutes Away."
- Howie Carr of “The Boston Herald”


  1. Just comments from another redneck farmer with tobacco dripping from his mouth and his head up his rear!!!

  2. I am certain that there are several times when police and the other forces of law will arrive too late from the crime scene and before they arrive, someone has died already. My fleet maintenance system team was terrified in this video.

  3. I have to wonder why the Gun Free Zone signs didn't stop John Holmes from entering the theater with his guns to commit mass murder. Did he not realize he was breaking the law when he entered the theater with his guns intent on committing mass murder?

    Oh wait, he planned this horrible event months in advanced, geared up with guns and complete body armor. He bobby trapped his apartment with enough explosives and gasoline to burn his apartment building to the ground before the fire department would have a chance to respond. But he was intent on committing mass murder, so anyone capabable of planning and setting up all of this would logically pick a spot for the greatest chance for success, a Gun Free Zone where no one would likely shoot back.

    As for the cops being minutes away, the statement is 100% accurate. No disrespect to our law enforcement officers, but they do not have a crystal ball to predict crimes so they can be there when they happen. I'm sure if they could, they would. Unfortunately, they serve in a profession that is handicapped by only having to react and respond to crimes. Given that handicap, they still do a remarkable job, but they can't be everywhere at once.