Monday, July 23, 2012

LaVega man to face jury in son's brutal beating

Golf club, 2 x 4, belt used on the child

Jurors will begin hearing evidence and testimony in a case of aggravated injury to a child with a deadly weapon this morning in state district court.
Ronald Wayne Jackson has been in McLennan County Jail for 438 days since his arrest on the charge.
Prosecutors allege the child's mother, Mr. Jackson's girlfriend Clorice Fahle, stood by and did nothing while the father beat the 9-year-old boy with a two by four, a golf club, and a belt. She is charged with the same offense by omission for doing nothing to stop the brutal beatings, which took place in May, 2011.
Police arrested the couple after teachers at a La Vega elementary school noticed the child was heavily bruised and limping. They sent him to a doctor who learned an assailant had possibly fractured his right hand and foot.

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