Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Jury uncalled, aggravated assault charges dropped

...It don't matter what I look like...

To those who wait, good things come.

James Syndergaard made a mistake when he trusted a certain woman to “house sit” for him while he worked offshore as a chief engineer on a huge tow boat that places petroleum rigs in the Gulf and the Caribbean.

That's when the showdown came at a filling station in the small Johnson County town of Joshua.

He traced her there by iPhone – he owned the instrument and was privileged to use tracking software – and when he found her, she tried to run him down – with his own car!

So, he dropped what he describes as a whatcha-ma-callit – a combination hammer, pry bar and nail puller –  and the indictment called a wrench – on the windshield of the car. 

Then, he jumped!

The result? Auhorities charged James with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

They alleged he had intent to kill the car thief and embezzler who had cashed a couple thousand dollars in forged checks, then went on the lam in his purple Dodge Charger.

We of The Legendary heard from Mr. Syndergaard late Tuesday afternoon.

“Johnson county dismissed my case today!” he e-mailed. “My attorneys had 'em outgunned. They were too chicken to take what they had to trial come Monday. Too scared to go to trial cuz they had a bogus case.”

Throughout the months he awaited justice, his attorney advised him repeatedly to do something about his appearance. Mr. Syndergaard is a bear of man who rides a Hawg and works on the huge engines that power towing vessels.

The attorney said he was afraid he would alienate jurors with his appearance and fierce, Nordic demeanor.

Hence, his gleeful memo to The Legendary:

“See, it don't mater what I look like now. I made four court visits, saw two sub judges...I have to show up, the judge don't...”

Having been given every reasonable opportunity to give up, to accept the judgment of the Court, he stuck by his guns. He is innocent of all charges because there are none – today.

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