Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Civil Service palaver pulled – no action taken

Sheriff's association snubbed in court

- Anyone who doubts the dead can come back to life has never seen the people around this place at quitting time -

Waco – The stage was set, the lights, camera and action, all in place, and then...

The McLennan Commissioners Court pulled the plug, took no action, and headed for the door with the happy words, “You folks have a real fine Fourth of July!”

The scheduled action was to have been a presentation from the Sheriff's Law Enforcement Association of McLennan County (SLEAMC) on – of all things – Civil Service Commission rules and regulations.

It didn't happen.

When the Court got to that item on the Agenda, Commissioner Joe Mashek spoke up and said, “Judge, we need to pull that.”

County Judge Jim Lewis replied, “Okay.”

Commissioner Kelly Snell seconded the motion, and it was all over.

And then...and then...everyone made a bee-line for the swinging doors, and it was all over!

See you all next week.

- The Legendary


  1. Why did Mashek had it pulled when Perry,put it on the agenda,HUM ,something smells.Should they be asked why.Maybe the legendary can get to the bottom of it.


  3. They probably pulled it, because Civil Service is a very sharp double edged sword. Just ask the City of Waco, who couldn't fire an officer convicted of a felony because of Civil Service. By law, by being convicted of a felony, the officer could no longer hold a Peace Officer license, which is Texas is a qualification to be a police officer. To have a felony DWI like this officer received, meant that he had to have at least 2 previous DWI convictions. So this officer had already been convicted of 2 misdemeanor offenses, which just one of those would keep him from being able to obtain a peace officer license if he already didn't have one.

    What did it finally take to get a convicted felon off the police force? It took 12 long years and near $6 million. The people have already spoken that they don't appreciate the current Sheriff overspending $2 million this year, nor the way he runs the department which is guilty of everything that SLEAMC has trying to prevent the next Sheriff from being able to do. I know at least one candidate has already stated numerous times that he wants promotions, demotions, hiring, firing, and reassignments to be based on qualifications, experience, and merits. Both candidates have worked in a system like that already. So why is SLEAMC suddenly worried about one of these men bringing in a good ole boy system, when SLEAMC leadership is already deeply entrenched in the current Sheriff's good ole boy system? Well, I guess I just answered my own question, because SLEAMC leadership is afraid of losing their "untouchable" status they currently enjoy.

    Here's a thought guys. Do a good job instead of trying throwing your good ole boy status around, and you can earn your positions instead of having to degrade yourself by licking the bosses boots. I know one candidate knows that boot licking is not good for the leather of his boots.

  4. I would hope Perry isn't backing Lynch and Plemons, his precinct sure didn't. In fact, according to the Primary numbers, Perry's precinct was decided against Plemons. Lynch's boy lost, when is Lynch going to except that and stop trying to interfer with the will of the people? When is SLEAMC going to learn they are better served to stay out of politics? I know they think everone listens to them, but again the numbers don't lie. 4 out of 5 of their candidates lost, with the 5th just 150 votes away from losing too.

    The people want things changed in the Sheriff's Office according to the votes. Maybe Lynch and his SLEAMC underlings need to step back and let whoever ends up Sheriff do what the people have elected him to do. Larry, you lost, get over it.

  5. screw unions and that is all it is.

  6. SLEAMC is not a union. It's an organization that was set up to stop the Sheriff from being able to abuse his power as Sheriff through somewhat shady backroom deals, the foremost trying to sell their jobs to the private company that has made a debacle out of the Jack Harwell Center yet benefitted from the county to the tune of an extra $2,000,000 so far this year alone. But over time, the leaders of SLEAMC itself have taken one of Lynch's shady deals, and they have now become the hammer and voice of Larry Lynch, the very man they were set to stop.