Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Beau Biden Blocking Information On Wheeler Murder

Delaware Attorney General will not inform former Pentagon official's family just how and where he was murdered and police are struggling to construct a timeline of his last hours

Wilmington, Del. - No one knows precisely what happened during the last few moments of the life of John Wheeler, III, but it's for sure it was extremely violent.

A former U.S. Attorney who is representing Mr. Wheeler's family said they only learned last week that the former Pentagon official and West Point graduate died of blunt force trauma and not a heart attack, as previously reported, according to a medical examiner's report.

Other than that information, said Colm Connolly, state officials are working hard to suppress all other revelations through the office of Beau Biden, Delaware attorney general.

Mr. Biden has made a motion for a judge to seal a search warrant for Mr. Wheeler's home, and three search warrants for Mr. Wheeler's cell phone and his 1993 Oldsmobile were sealed at the request of Newark police.

The Wheeler family announced an offer of a $25,000 reward for information regarding his demise.

Mr. Wheeler, who was 66, left New York City on Dec. 28 after spending Christmas with his family there and reported to work at a consulting firm that serves the Pentagon and CIA.

After work, he took an Amtrak train bound from Washington to his home near Wilmington.

He was last seen alive on video surveillance cameras, wandering disoriented, his clothing iu disarray and wearing only one shoe, muttering that he had been robbed and beaten. People who approached him to try to help said he rebuffed their offers and wandered away.

Sanitation workers saw his corpse tumble from the cargo compartment of a garbage truck delivering at a Newark, Delaware, landfill on Dec. 31. The truck had emptied dumpsters on a commercial route in downtown Wilmington.

Mr. Connolly has asked for forensic reports, search warrants and a copy of the video surveillance tape that depicts Mr. Wheeler in downtown Wilmington the night before they found his body in the Newark landfill.

Family members last heard from Mr. Wheeler on Dec. 29 in an e-mail. Mr. Connolly refused to release the contents of the e-mail to the media.

Mr. Wheeler was instrumental in raising funds to build the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall on the National Mall near the Lincoln Monument reflecting pool and Washington Momument across the ellipse from the White House.

He served three Presidential administrations in various roles as a civilian employee of the Department of Defense at the Pentagon after a tour of duty in Vietnam.

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