Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pro-Democracy fighters surrounded in "Liberty Square"

They continue to fight police in the 7th day of uprising and demand Mubarak's immediate, unconditional ouster

Cairo - Pro-democracy fighters continued their 7-day struggle at 3 a.m. Cairo time, hurling Molotov cocktails at pro-administration and security forces in Tahrir Square – renamed Liberty Square.

At least 3 are dead and an estimated 1,500 injured from a day's fighting with security police masquerading as pro-administration operatives protesting the ouster demands of the insurgents, according to Al Jazeera television news.

One pro-democracy fighter, reached by phone, said that they number several thousand and have been surrounded by government forces in the square with no route of escape, yet they continue to fight and demand the immediate ouster of President Hosni Mubarak.

Both sides have erected barricades made of corrugated roofing metal, debris from dismantled buildings and fencing torn down in other areas and carried to the fortifications. They hurl bottles filled with gasoline, wicks made of rag strips ignited and ready to burst into flames on impact. They also fight with boards and bricks, paving stones and pieces of re-bar, throwing anything that may come to hand.

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