Monday, October 18, 2010

Do I understand you, sir? Is Freedom Worth The Price?

The reality may be found beneath the hallowed sod and under the marble and granite monuments of Washington Square, Philadelphia.

Freedom is, indeed, not free, nor is it cheaply obtained.

The silent testimony of hundreds of Colonial soldiers who perished of exposure, dysentery, pneumonia and flu may be seen and heard here.

Situated in the Society Hill neighborhood, overlooked by the Curtis Publishing Building, the ultimate seat of Mr. B. Franklin's publishing empire, “The Saturday Evening Post,” and the corporate headquarters of dozens of adjudicated news organs throughout the east, legal stationers to jurisdictions federal and state, it served as a potter's field for the city's Afro-American community, as well as an expedient burial site for victims of epidemics.

Thousands are buried here, victims of yellow fever and smallpox epidemics, where in pleasant weather sophisticated city dwellers take their steak sandwiches and brewskis for an impromptu noon time picnic.

When you mark your ballots, offer this silent prayer:

We shall never forget you, ever.

So mote it be.

My answer is, hell, yes!

Vote early and often.

- The Legendary, at Bosque County, Texas, 2010

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