Saturday, October 30, 2010

Drug Cartel Insurgency Comes Stateside With Az. Beheading

Lawmen think the victim stole drugs from cartel - beheading meant to send a message

Chandler – Neighbors in the apartment complex where police found the beheaded corpse say they were surprised – and shocked – because they didn't hear much of anything.

Police are saying they are pretty sure the murder of Martin Alejandro Cota-Monroy was done to “send a message” to those who would even think about crossing the drug cartel, especially by stealing the product.

Mess with us and this is what happens.

It's the first documented case of a beheading by drug cartel members on the American side of the border.

According to published reports, the shabby apartment in the squalid complex across the road from a teeming strip mall with big box department stores and acres of parking shows all the signs that its occupants left in a hurry. Cabinet doors were standing ajar, worn-out furniture remained in disarray, and the man's bloody body lay decapitated, its head resting a few feet away.

Terrified, neighbors are moving out as quickly as possible, too.

Two men who lived there were elsewhere – one sleeping, the other outside talking to a girl – when the killers attacked the victim around 5 a.m., one of them shouting repeatedly “Who are you? Who are you?”

They had met at a bar the night before and the attackers followed them home to continue partying.

One of the men, Crisantos Moroyoqui, lived in the same complex. Police found him asleep in his apartment wearing blood-stained shorts, presumably the ones he was wearing during the bloody murder of Mr. Cota-Monroy.

The other three, all in their 20's, are still at large. They are Jose David Castro Reyes, Isai Aguilar Morales and a man unidentified by name, known only by his nickname, “El Joto,” derogatory Mexican slang for a homosexual man.

They are believed to have fled for Mexico after they murdered and decapitated Mr. Cota-Monroy.

The beheading vindicates the words of Gov. Jan Brewer who claimed in broadcast remarks that such things happen in Arizona. Up until now, she was wrong. Now she's right.

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