Monday, October 25, 2010

Wikileaks Documents Detail Torture, Murder By Coalition Forces

London – Advance reports of classified Pentagon documents released today by Wikileaks activist Julian Assange tell of an Iraqi commando unit hanging people up “like slaughtered deer” and “drilling into kneecaps with electric drills” in torture sessions. In almost 400,000 classified documents, the leaks tell of an American command structure that ignored the torture of civilians and numerous murders committed by Iraqi forces while the U.S. commanders did nothing to stop them.

Journalists and editors working for the UK Guardian newspaper told “Democracy Now” hostess Amy Goodman about a certain Iraqi Colonel who would force Iraqi women to have sex with him in order to gain the release of their men.

The men were not charged with any crime; it was just a pretext to have sex with the women.

The newspaper's staff has prepared an interactive map that details where, when and how hundreds of thousands of people were beaten, tortured and murdered during the Iraq war, which has lasted from 2003 until the present.

According to video clips from the period, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld publicly corrected during televised news conferences top generals commanding coalition forces to tell the public that if American troops witnessed such abuses, they were to report them and not take positive action to stop the war crimes.

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