Thursday, October 14, 2010

Facebook Founders In Furor Over Illegal Smile Vote

Somewhere In The Land Of Fruit And Nuts - Napster founder Sean Parker, the first president of Facebook, is at contretemps with the new management of the social network over – guess what – his support for Proposition 19.

According to a spokesman for Facebook, the image of a pot leaf violates the network's advertising terms.

“Our advertising policies prohibit the paid promotion of illegal content, and when we find this, we take action as necessary,” said Andrew Noyes.

Mr. Parker and his Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz have made record donations to the committee supporting passage of the ballot initiative that would legalize the consumption of marijuana by persons 21 years of age or older in the Golden State. He kicked off his spending spree with a donation of $100,000, then added an additional $70,000 to the kitty.

Mr. Moskovitz has contributed $50,000.

The blockage of political speech in favor of the as-yet illegal substance has put the social network, which began on the campus of Harvard University, in a bizarre position.

Most of Facebook's users use the yerba buena to toke, joke, stroke and smoke. In fact, the computer technology community, which centers in the San Francisco Peninsula's Silicon Valley, has long had a complementary relationship with psychedelia and psychedeliacs.

According to “New York Times” technology reporter John Markoff, even Albert Hoffman got in the act. The inventor of LSD once wrote Apple Computer inventor Steven Jobs a letter suggesting that he should fund research on acid in return for the drug's contribution to his professional and creative development.

Look it up. It's right there in “What The Dormouse Said: How the 60's Counterculture Shaped the Personal Computer,” a book Mr. Markoff penned about the synaptic connections between the switched-on generation and their desktop, micro-miniaturized cybernetic devices.

The Legendary wishes to assure all our readers that we have not yet yielded to prior restraint of depiction of illegal substances, practices, activities or beliefs. Just last week we featured a picture of a beheading in a Mexican graveyard in Tamaulipas State.

As a strict constructionist, I must say that the First Amendment is a bearing wall of the whole she-bang and I don't want the house coming down around my ears. No way.

And the floggings will continue until morale improves!

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