Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mexican Cops Name Two Suspects In Falcon Lake Murder

Reynosa – A McAllen television station reported that police in northern Tamaulipas State have identified two suspects in the pirate attack that claimed a Colorado man's life.

According to KRGV Channel 5, Police Commander Juan Carlos Ballasteros named Juan Pedro Saldivar Farias and his brother José Manuel as suspects among the two boatloads of men who chased David and Tiffany Hartley from the semi-submerged ruins of Old Guerrero Church on the Mexican side of the lake.

The two men are reportedly from New Guerrero near the Old Guerrero Church and are suspects in numerous serial murders, kidnappings, armed robberies and cases of arson in the area, which is fast gaining a reputation as a drug-smuggling stronghold of the Zeta Cartel, unsafe for tourism and commerce.

They had gone there on jet-skis to take snapshots of the church, according to Mrs. Hartley, who said she saw a bullet strike the back of her husband's head. When she was unable to pull him on board her jet-ski, she made a run for it as bullets churned the water around her.

Mexican authorities have questioned her story, saying they do not believe any such attack took place. U.S. Representative Henry Cuellar came to her defense. He said at least one witness saw a boat load of men chasing her and shooting as she fled.

Zapata County Sheriff Sigifredo Gonzalez said he is unaware of any suspects having been named. U.S. Law enforcement officials who declined to be identified said last week that they have uncovered no criminal information previously undisclosed that would lead them to believe Mrs. Hartley participated in the attack on her husband.

She went on record with newsmen with the information that ongoing talks between American and Mexican government officials appear to be getting somewhere, though she declined to give any specific clues as to what has been accomplished.

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