Thursday, October 21, 2010

Flores Campaign Accuses Chet Edwards of Voter Suppression

Bryan - Bill Flores' Campaign Manager Matt Mackowiak accused the Chet Edwards campaign of trying to suppress the GOP's early vote.

Mr. Mackowiak, a former administrative assistant to U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison and president of a media consulting company based in Washington, D.C., called for an end to “robocalls” and for Mr. Edwards to issue an apology to voters.

According to an audio tape made of an automatically dialed phone call to one of the “historical Republican households” located in the southern end of Congressional Dist. 17, a voice purported to be that of Mr. Edwards tells the receiver that in-person early voting stretches from October 18 through 22, “telling voters that Early Voting days before it actually does.”

This is technically true; however, the early voting period also extends from October 25 through 29.

“There is only one reason why Mr. Edwards would try to deceive Republican voters about their opportunity to cast a ballot this coming weekend and next week, he does not want them to exercise their right to vote,” Mr. Mackowiak wrote.

He is a graduate of the University of Texas.

“Congressman Edwards will stop at nothing to continue his 20-year political career, including outright voter suppression...If Chet Edwards has any integrity, he will immediately stop the false robocalls and issue a public apology. There is no place for disenfranchising voters.”

Chet Edwards For Congress Campaign press liaison officer Megan Jacobs did not return phone calls seeking comment on the matter.

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