Sunday, October 17, 2010

“It was a dumb thing to do...” - But Can We Afford It?

State Committeewoman threatens to call police over campaign sign of Demo candidate in Moody man's pickup truck.

The Waco Tea Party, GOP Is For Me and the Republican Party of Texas hosted a picnic at Speegleville Park today on Lake Waco.

A man who was voted Precinct 6 Justice of the Peace four years ago, then not allowed to take the bench when the McLennan County Commissioners' Court eliminated the precinct at Moody, arrived with a large campaign sign advocating the election of Ralph Cooper for County Judge mounted in the bed of his pickup.

Mr. Cooper is a Democrat.

State Republican Executive Committeewoman Janet Jackson told Randall Scott Gates he would have to turn the sign on its side in his pickup.

“Or else what?” Mr. Gates asked.

“I'll call the police,” Mrs. Jackson said.

Then she told The Legendary Jim Parks I would have to leave or she would call the police to have me arrested.
She said that I threatened someone at a Unity Rally held at the Convention Center in August.

I did not threaten anyone. That is not true.

At that point, I thought, well, someone here has a problem. It might not be me. Wait and see.

Mrs. Jackson has had a colorful past with police officers. Mr. and Mrs. M.A. Taylor sought the help of a police officer when she arrived at the McLennan County Republican Party office and became upset and loud. The policeman told her she would have to leave, according to Mr. and Mrs. Taylor. Mr. Taylor is a former Republican State Representative and McLennan County Republican Chairman.

Mr. Gates and I were talking to unsuccessful State Senate candidate Darren Yancy, an insurance and, real estate and investment broker from Burleson at the time. Everything was quiet. He was telling us about a fantastic football game one of his sons played against a rival team.

Mr. Yancy has a history of calling the police on newsmen. He called the Hillsboro Police on “Waco Tribune-Herald” political writer Michael Shapiro in the early spring when he came to see about a political event at a local motel in that city.

Duke Machado, sales manager for Gloff Ford in Clifton and president of the Hispanic Republican Club of McLennan County, told me to come with him.

“Or else what?” I asked.

He said they would call the police.

I told him I am going nowhere with him, or anyone else.

I stalled around for quite some time, then left to help Mr. Gates turn his sign on its side.

I remained in the parking lot for at least a half hour afterward.

In fact, I ran into County Judge Jim Lewis and asked him if he could see any reason why the police should be called to arrest me. He said no, he did not.

Quizzed about the matter, his challenger, Ralph Cooper, said, “It was a dumb thing to do...”

Yeah, it was.

Vote early and often, dear hearts. Early voting begins tomorrow at 7 a.m.

Try not to get arrested.


  1. The Cool-Aid was not refreshing in the least.

  2. Let's spell that with a K, as in Amerika or Klannish Kool-Aid Ritual Regurgitates backwards on wing-tips, cowboy boots alike.

    Yes, we saw a man denied his basic constitutional right to express himself. For some reason, it's against the law to display a political sign. Wrong sign? They call the police.

    All the while, these same people make funny noises resembling the gurgling of necrotic bowel sounds.

    The Legendary

  3. Bird turds fall from thy anonymous maw, sirra!

    The Legendary