Thursday, October 28, 2010

Questionable Death of McGregor Teen Disputed

ME ruled suicide, officers who investigated later resigned en mass

DSC_0002Cindy Robinson has a dog-eared folder filled with official records of the death of her 19-year-old son in February, 2006.

Her allegations are far-flung and wide-ranging and include everything from a murder by the police who allegedly confronted him for being in the park past the hour of curfew to an official conspiracy to conceal their alleged culpability by staging a suicide.

Three Dallas medical examiners ruled Josh died as a result of suicide by hanging himself from a chain on a swing set in McGregor's Amsler Park.

When a jogger reported finding his body at 5:35 a.m., he had been dead for many hours because his body was in some degree of rigor and his flesh was cold to the touch, according police reports.

Their autopsy records show pronounced lividity of his body caused by blood settling in the tissue at the lowest points due to gravity, an absence of toxicological substances such as drugs and alcohol, and none of the ruptured blood vessels found on the surface of peoples' eyes when they are strangled or smothered.

What happened?

The Robinson family had a rough night. Mother and son fought bitterly over a dispute Josh had gotten into with a local family whose 15-year-old daughter needed some quality time alone, according to her grandmother and mother.

In fact, one of them came to the Robinsons's door and wanted to fuss about it.

Josh left the house in a huff and no one knew anything much until the next morning when a jogger found him on his knees, the chain of the swing set wrapped around his neck and the flexible seat draped over his shoulder.

A medicolegal investigator from Southwest Institute of Forensic Science determined that the death looked like a suicide. Nevertheless, he was transported to Dallas for an autopsy.

Since then, various experts have ventured opinions one by one as Ms. Robinson has appealed to them for assistance to reopen the investigation. Former homicide investigator Truman Simon, famous for his exhaustive work in the Lake Waco murders, reportedly told her it looked like a case of accidental death by auto-erotic strangulation.

He explained that suspected suicides in questionable circumstances require heightened scrutiny because most life insurance policies will not pay benefits to survivors of suicide victims but will pay in the case of deaths ruled as accidental death.

“I spent a lot of time looking into it, interviewing the neighbors, looking at case reports and medical reports,” Lt. Simon said.

In his opinion, Mr. Robinson died as a result of auto-erotic strangulation, said the veteran investigator, who is now in private practice.

Asked for her reaction, Ms. Robinson gave only a brief statement on camera.

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  1. Still has not be solved!! We miss you Josh. And KNOW that you would have never done this to yourself. None of it makes sense. I'm sorry for what you had to have went through leading up to your last seconds. We love you!!