Monday, October 25, 2010

U.S. Border Intelligence: “El Chapo” Guzman Won The War

Juarez - Now that they banked the money and buried the bodies, they say “El Chapo,” leader of the Sinaloa Cartel, won the war for the fabulously lucrative drug route through El Paso del Norte.

“Forbes” Magazine named him one of the world's top billionaires just this year.

All that remains now is what victorious military commanders refer to as “mopping up” after the major battles have been won.

Here is how that played out in two major border cities this past week.

When the gunmen stormed El Aliviane Clinic, a drug rehab center here, they made the patients come outside and line up in the back yard of the ramshackle house where they treat addiction to dangerous drugs.

Then they calmly shot each one in the head, executing them and letting 16 bodies fall dead in the horrific scene.

In Tijuana, a witness said he left to get a bite to eat after watching a movie on the first floor of the drug rehab. When he returned, “Jesus,” who fears reprisal and would only identify himself by his first name, said the survivors told him the gunmen made the patients lie on the floor while they hosed them down with automatic rifle fire.

They left 13 persons dead in the attack, then deposited 3 written notes amidst the bodies. Police refused to reveal what was written in the messages.

It appears that the victorious crews are exacting revenge from addicts who quit at the height of the drug wars to try to survive their addiction.

Intelligence experts in Mexico City and Washington are starting to say that it appears no one but the gangsters are winning the war on drugs that is funded by U.S. Taxpayers at a level of about $1.3 billion and fought by Mexican soldiers trained at such U.S. Army forts as Ft. Bragg in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

The truth is that the elite commando units who acted as enforcers for the Gulf and Sinaloa cartels were originally trained there before they returned to Mexico and defected to join the other side.

They took the name “Zetas” from the secret channel used by top Mexican commanders. They number an estimated 1,300 core cadre who have taken on and trained other novice troopers in the tactics they learned from 7th Special Forces – the Green Berets – in their U.S. Training.

“The U.S. really needs to examine their vetting procedures and manuals to see why so many people who they train do so many terrible things when they go back home,” said Kristen Bricker, a Mexico-based reserch associate with the North American Congress on Latin America (NACLA).

Military forces from all over the world train at Ft. Bragg, but the Zetas, trained by 7th Forces “Snake Eaters,” have a special reputation for insurgency and terrorism, killing their rivals and leaving their severed heads on pike poles, their bodies suspended by their heels upside down.

The NAFTA agreement spelled a death knell for free enterprise, according to Zapatistas militia men in Chiapas state, combat with whom was a primary goal of training the men who wound up forming the Zetas.

But the lure of easy money in the drug trade – which is estimated to have a positive cash flow of $40 billion per year – led them to take up arms against their countrymen to wrest away the best of the trafficking routes for their own control.

And now El Chapo is el senor del barrio.

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