Monday, October 25, 2010

Flores Calls Edwards A Liar On Social Security Plan

“I have not proposed privatizing Social Security...,” he assured listeners at debate

Bryan - U.S. Representative Chet Edwards continued to talk about Bill Flores' plan to “privatize” Social Security. They appeared at Briarcrest Country Club in a second candidate debate sponsored by the Bryan-College Station Chamber of Commerce.

Mr. Flores said it's a lie that he has plans to privatize Social Security. “It's a shame my opponent has chosen to try to scare seniors by saying I want to privatize Social Security,” he said.

He said he merely wishes to create private accounts for younger workers.

Mr. Edwards says there is no difference. The Social Security Trust Fund is fully funded until the year 2037, according to Rep. Edwards.

Furthermore, Mr. Edwards continued to hammer at a statement Mr. Flores made about raising the retirement age for Social Security to age 70.

“I have never said I want to raise the retirement age above 67, which is what it is now,” Mr. Flores countered. They both argued about a statement he made on the Shane Warner Show on NewsTalk Radio 1230-Waco.

Creating private accounts would take $2 trillion out of the Social Security Trust Fund, Mr. Edwards said.

Both candidates did nothing to hide their annoyance and anger with one another during their debate, though moderators repeatedly cautioned spectators to not applaud or create any disturbance.

At one point, Mr. Flores said, "Don't applaud. We're not going to do that."

The Health Care Reform Act of 2010 - ObamaCare - will cause seniors to lose $500 billion in Medicare benefits, said Mr. Flores. He criticized the incumbent Congressman for refusing to vote to repeal Obamacare. To do so would cause those with pre-existing conditions to lose an advantage won in the Health Care Reform Act of 2010 that disallows insurance carriers from withholding health care based on such considerations.

Mr. Flores said “I'm looking for a common sense, market-driven solution...I really don't see any reason to change.”

He cited the fact that the Health Care Reform Act is more than 2,000 pages in length. “It is a job-killing bill...It's part of the Nancy Pelosi job-killing agenda.”

Mr. Flores predicted that ObamaCare will be overturned by the courts before it is fully implemented.

Mr. Edwards said, “I'm going to let the courts decide...”

As to his getting a “pass” from Democratic Congressional leadership to vote against the Health Care Reform Act, “Where did that meeting take place? Was it in my office or hers? I didn't get a pass to vote against that bill.”

He said he voted against ObamaCare because he objected to its policies. Mr. Edwards said he read “every page” of the bill.

* In the ongoing argument about the economic stimulus program, Mr. Flores said, "He has said it might cost him his job; it should cost him his job." Each job created by the program has cost taxpayers $200,000 . "The government simply does not create jobs."

*"He has a right to his own opinions, but not to his own facts," Mr. Edwards countered.

*Mr. Flores called Mr. Edwards a liar on the subject of abortion. He said Mr. Edwards has voted for partial birth abortion 9 times. "Go to Fire and you can see it right now," he said.

*Mr. Edwards denied he has ever done any such thing. He said he supports the right of a woman to make a choice in confidential consultation with her doctor, but he still considers himself a pro-life proponent.

*On gun ownership, Mr. Flores said of the NRA's endorsement of the Congressman, "I can't get an endorsement from them because I'm not an incumbent."

*Mr. Edwards said he got an NRA endorsement based on his record. He said Mr. Flores' statement about not being able to get an NRA endorsement a falsehood.

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