Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sweet Jesus O'Grady! What In The World Do They Want? What?

First Amendment to the Constitution is clear enough for The Legendary

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion...” - the opening clause of the First Amendment.

Christine O'Donnell and Rush Limbaugh are on record as of today in their opinion that nowhere in the U.S. Constitution is there any mention of a separation of church and state. Millions upon millions of people in the United States and the world have been so informed.

Have they read the document?

Article One establishes the right of the two houses of Congress to make statutory and substantive law. The Executive powers, as laid out in Article Two, establish the role of the President and his cabinet to propose and ratify regulations pertaining to that substantive law.

In Article Three, we find the basis of the role of the Courts to hand down decisions based on the interpretation of facts under the application of the law, and to make case law.

But nowhere in the Constitution does it say that law is made in any other way than these.

Furthermore, the Constitution establishes the supreme authority of constitutional law in its articles and sections, which supersede all other law – a matter of interpretation for the Court system.

Wherein does this body of law show any right of the church to impose its strictures or doctrines upon the government?

It occurs to The Legendary that Messrs. Thomas Jefferson and James Madison considered ecclesiastic authority so important that they could see no reason for some silly government to get involved with its mysterious ways.

I have spoken.

We The People are not likely to change this hallowed document to suit the likes of Christine O'Donnell and Rush Limbaugh.

It is my humble prayer.

So mote it be.

However, I see no reason why the nation's educators should not take up the instruction of rhetoric and logic and insert these subjects into the curriculum of English composition, grammar and semantics.

Let those who attend be known as scholars; those who eschew this pursuit should be labeled as jackasses worthy of the title of ignoramus. As brother Leon Russell said in his famous song, Magic Mirror, “With the students, I'm a teacher; with the teachers, I'm in school.”

Point me to that school house door, folks. I need myself a little bit of a tune-up, if I do say so myself. Today's events have shown me that once and for all.

- The Legendary

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