Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Course of the Ram hath half yronne!

April 15 Tax Day Rally a solid lock for Belton & twin rival tea parties

With acres upon acres of smoothly paved parking, security, and easy-off, easy-on interstate access, the Bell County geodesic dome will host the warring factions of Tea Partiedom.

We're talking equal distance from Waco and Austin and the Hill Country, Ft. Hood and the Santa Fe tracks to the deer leases of the Bosque.

The twin power centers of the Central Texas Tea Party (insurgents) and the Central Texas Conservatives (entrenched forces of the GOP) are fighting for table space to sign up new contacts for e-mail and newsletters.

The dispute started way back in the fall when Col. Wes Riddle engaged the Bell County Expo Center for Saturday, the 16th, only to find that the Republican Party of Bell County had one-upped his bid by renting it out for Friday evening, the 15th. Or, maybe it was the other way around.

The deal is this.

Folks are fighting each other to be first in line to get out the vote, educate the public and just generally raise hot hell on the Texas prairie. The event will go forward, sponsored by the forces of GOP vertical integration and a foreign policy devoted to more of the same, while the upstarts – Col. Riddle's troops – have been consigned to card tables outside on the plaza.

Not a problem, the Colonel said.

“We've got red t-shirts at $10 outside the doors and balloons you can release once you're inside.”

Guy knows his stuff. Just show him that dome. He's got insurgency and he will demonstrate it for you.

Retired Army. West Point. Oxford - history.


So, what's the rift all about?

“We basically share a common idea about the constitution and spending and these petty plottings - and all the intrigue - is just the early stages of a coming together,” he told The Legendary gleefully.

Houston boy. Knows how to have a good time while he's at it.

Get there at 5:30 and mingle inside, outside, wherever your fancy may take you.

When the speakers step up to the rostrum, be sure to get inside the air conditioning and hear what they have to say.

They include Attorney General Greg Abbott, the first one in America to challenge Obamacare with a lawsuit challenging Congress' constitutional standing to enact such a bodacious law. Comptroller Susan Combs is up for a stump speech, followed by Congressman John Carter, R-31st District, member of the House Appropriations Committee.

Taxed enough, already? Let's hope so.

I wouldn't miss it for the world, or all the tea in China - or all the T-bonds in Beijing, or all the...

- The Legendary

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