Thursday, April 28, 2011

GOP decries Senators' plans to raid "Rainy Day" fund

The Texas Senate is preparing to pass a liberal budget that spends far beyond the taxpayers means. It does so by raiding the rainy day fund, using one-time revenue gimmicks, and simply kicks tough decisions dangerously down the road.

As you'll recall, the Texas House earlier this month passed a responsible budget, but now the Senate is poised to bust the bank.

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, who presides over the Senate, told reporters yesterday that he "disagreed" with senators wanting to take money for the new budget from the rainy day fund; he said he preferred balancing the budget through cuts to non-essential services, fixes to state law and using non-tax revenues where possible.

Gov. Rick Perry has also said he opposes raiding the fund, wanting legislators to send him a budget that lives within the currently available revenues.

It's important that Texas senators hear from taxpayers like you today.

Contact Your Senator!

Or go to Texans for a Conservative Budget and sign the petition (they will hand deliver the message to your Senator).

For Texas,
Michael Quinn Sullivan

Texans for a Conservative Budget is a coalition of groups and citizens, united for a 2012-2013 Texas state budget that adheres to the following principles:

- The Texas state budget should reflect the state's fiscal means, and make hard choices on necessary cuts.

- The Texas state budget should not use a penny of the Economic Stabilization Fund, better known as the "Rainy Day Fund."

- The Texas state budget should not burden Texans with new taxes, however presented.

We understand that these are tough fiscal times. The challenge is for the state government — and especially the Texas House and Senate — to adapt to them in ways that vindicate Texans' wishes as expressed in November's elections.

Doing this, and crafting a 2012-2013 Texas state budget that adheres to these principles, means nothing less than securing our great state's future — for our children and beyond.

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