Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pentagon clears General McChrystal of misconduct

Department of Defense officials found no corroborative evidence that General Stanley McChrystal did any of the things a "Rolling Stone" profile depicted him doing on a junket to Paris.

President Barack Obama relieved the four-star general in August following publication of the article in which he was quoted saying he and other soldiers fight for each other and not for politicians, nations, flags or abstract ideas.

Subsequently, Pentagon officials denied Michael Hastings, the author of the article, the opportunity to be "embedded" with troops fighting in Afghanistan.

In the article, a June profile of McChrystal in Rolling Stone magazine, he was reported as making comments seen as disrespectful toward Obama administration officials. But on Monday, Acting Deputy Inspector General Michael S. Child said the inquiry concluded that "not all of the events at issue occurred as reported."

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