Thursday, April 14, 2011

Biden's reaction to Obama's speech just right - Bill Flores

Washington – Congressman Bill Flores, R-Dist. 17, agreed with a Fox News anchor woman that Vice President Joe Biden's reaction to President Barack Obama's speech on the budget was the appropriate one.

Mr. Biden went to sleep during the President's address.

Mr. Flores, a conservative Republican oil man from the Panhandle who graduated from Texas A&M and went on to a career in accounting and financial management of various offshore petroleum ventures during a 30-year span as a certified public accountant, financial officer, and founding chief executive officer, compared Mr. Obama's alternate plan to the budget he presented two weeks late in February to “Bernie Madoff's scheme.”

Mr. Madoff was recently convicted of running a Ponzi scheme in Wall Street involving a pyramid-shaped structure the Federal Court found fraudulent. The judge then sentenced Mr. Madoff to a record term involving decades upon decades in the penitentiary.

In contrast, said Mr. Flores, the Republican majority will introduce a budget proposal that will involve heavy cuts to Medicare and Medicaid, two guaranteed health care systems for the elderly and the indigent.

He cited the fact that “Ten percent of the highest earners pay 70% of the taxes” and added that he sees no need to increase the national debt on these “already burdened taxpayers...You see people who want to build a welfare state...We believe in American exceptionalism.”

Mr. Flores defeated 10-term veteran Democrat Congressman Chet Edwards in a landslide percentage of 60 to 40% in the November general election.

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