Friday, April 15, 2011

Senator says things ATF accused of "shocking, true"

Senator Charles Grassley, R-Ia, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, rose in the well of the upper chamber yesterday and made these remarks about the things "whistleblower" agents have alleged.

He says that not only are the accusations "shocking," but they are "true."

According to "The Dutchman," Sipsey Street Irregular Mike Vanderboegh, there are 5 key allegations against the ATF management.

They are:

1. That they instructed U.S. gun dealers to proceed with questionable and illegal sales of firearms to suspected gunrunners.

2. That they allowed or even assisted in those guns crossing the U.S. border into Mexico to "boost the numbers" of American civilian market firearms seized in Mexico and thereby provide the justification for more firearm restrictions on American citizens and more power and money for ATF.

3. That they intentionally kept Mexican authorities in the dark about the operation, even over objections of their own agents.

4. That weapons that the ATF let "walk" to Mexico were involved in the deaths of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and ICE agent Jaime Zapata, as well as at least hundreds of Mexican citizens.

5. That at least since the death of Brian Terry on 14 December, the Obama administration is engaged in a full-press cover-up of the facts behind what has come to be known as the "Gunwalker Scandal."

(click each highlighted item to read a background story on the subject)

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