Friday, April 22, 2011

Tarzan, SHRDLU & Co. to visit elephant burial ground

Congressman's son promises proposed national monument will receive no federal funds

Waco – Freshman Congressman Bill Flores, R-Dist. 17, will help commemorate the discovery of the Mammoth Site on the muddy banks of the Brazos on Tuesday.

No doubt in an effort to prevent the site from becoming commercialized, billboarded up and down I-35 as “The Thing On The Brazos,” he and Senators Kay Bailey Hutchison and John Cornyn have introduced legislation to make it a national monument controlled by the National Park Service.

In a rare Facebook pronouoncment, the Congessman's son Will declared that the project will not receive any federal funds as a result of the legislation.

“With a financial commitment from the local partners, this legislation will confer the national recognition that this unique site deserves — without adding to the federal budget and backlog at the National Park Service,” Senator Cornyn said in a press release.

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