Sunday, April 10, 2011

LA cop who confronted CIA director about crack cocaine on oil "crisis" and economic "collapse"

Okay, they ran out of money and threatened to shut down the world's greatest industrial and military machine until the President comes to the table and does things their way. Like, no abortions paid for with federal funds.


Try that one on for size when your kids don't have anything to eat.

Take some time out and let this guy show you how the war comes to your front door, your mailbox, your bank account and your streets on a daily basis, how it diminishes your kids' expectations and lets your enemies home in on your work place and attack you where you live and worship.

Bold as brass and writ large in red letters, Michael Ruppert stepped right up to the microphone during the Clinton Administration and accused the CIA of peddling a new form of dope in South Central - crack cocaine - and laundering the profits in American banks.

Where did he get his lead?

There was a certain colonel, base commander of El Toro Marine Corps Air Station, who was "suicided" - one of those chilling pseudo verbs the black ops people coin at the drop of hat - after he began to question why dozens of C-130's were arriving on his installation daily, loaded with cocaine.

When Mr. Ruppert refused to back off, it was the end of his career in law enforcement. He has gone on to study such conundrums as the "war on drugs" and the kind of propaganda that spouts out of the media machine and Madison Avenue regarding just how much oil is left and when it's likely to run out.

PDQ, as it turns out. Americans represent 5% of the world's population and consume 25% of its petroleum. There are 7 gallons of oil in every tire, hundreds upon hundreds of gallons of crude involved in manufacturing the paints, resins, rubbers and plastics that make a modern auto, and everything from antibiotics to fertilizers and pesticides come straight from the well-head to the refinery to the petrochemical plant to the consumer.

Check out this movie he and some documentary filmmakers shot in which the chain-smoking, fact and figure-spouting outlaw journalist and researcher paints a gloomy picture of why your dollar failed in 2008 - a worldwide energy crisis - and why war has savaged and torn at your world for the past century, with no sign of letting up-.

It's all about the same reason - a lack of petroleum at affordable and sustainable prices.

Hey, what the hell. It's Monday morning. Have a nice day.

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