Saturday, April 16, 2011

First House redistricting committee map filed - Plan H113

Rep. Burt Solomons (R-Carrollton) unveiled the first draft of the state House redistricting committee substitute last week. The map is Plan H113 and can be viewed at the Texas Legislative Council's DistrictViewer website.

- The plan contains eight "pairings," drawing 16 existing House members into eight districts.

- The pairings are as follows:

- Two to reflect stagnant population growth in West Texas (Chisum-Hardcastle, Landtroop-Perry)

- Two to reflect stagnant population growth in East Texas (Flynn-Cain, Ritter-Hamilton) Two to reflect the loss of two seats allocated to Dallas County (Harper-Brown-Rodney Anderson, Driver-Burkett)

- One Houston pairing (Hochberg-Vo) A Nueces County pairing, reflecting the county going from 2.2 to 2 seats (Torres-Scott)

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