Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Solons pass bill to correct eminent domain abuses

Austin – Governments and private entities will be prohibited from taking property that is not intended for public use.

Representative Rob Orr, R-Dist. 58, which covers Johnson and Bosque Counties, co-authored the legislation, which also requires any governmental entity that acquires real property by eminent domain to pay relocation expenses for displaced property owners.

“This legislation would limit the state's power to take or condemn private property for public use,” said Rep. Orr.

Economic development authorities have the power to condemn private property for development by private corporations. Some uses have included construction of shopping malls and sports complexes, housing developments and industrial parks.

The House version of the bill includes provisions that allow property owners to repurchase the condemned property and require the condemning entity to make a bona fide offer to purchase property.

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