Monday, December 19, 2011

Candidate denies having Ranger's money records

Deputy Randy Plemons subject to shield order

Bulletin: Ranger and Mrs. Cawthon respond to Deputy Plemons' denial of receiving information regarding their lawsuit with an area builder - The Legendary

Waco – Chief Deputy Randy Plemons denies he received information about retired Texas Ranger Matt Cawthon's financial affairs gleaned from the discovery motion in a lawsuit.

He is a candidate to succeed McLennan County Sheriff Larry Lynch.

Mr. Cawthon and his wife Shelly went to court on December 7 to seek a protective order shielding the information from disclosure by third parties or the opposing party to a civil action to settle disputed costs billed by a local builder.

In a hearing on that day in 74th District Court, the Cawthons' attorney Henry Wright told Judge Gary Coley, “There has been some concern about dissemination of certain information obtained as discovery in this matter outside the litigation. Some of the information has been disseminated outisde the litigation for criminal purposes...There are political agendas in this courtroom...The discovery was given to Sheriff Lynch and Deputy Plemons for political purposes.”

Deputy Plemons and Sheriff Lynch respond:

In a December 19 response to a public information act request made on December 9, Mr. Plemons said, “Mr. Parker (?): I have no such information.”

Later in the day, Sheriff Larry Lynch responded in similar fashion: "I have no correspondence with Mr. Steakley or his attorneys."

Judge Coley granted a protective order sealing the records for the life of the litigation.

They include the Cawthons' social security numbers, their telephone numbers, residence address, bank statements, cancelled checks, credit slips from relevant transactions, credit card information, loan and mortgage applications, and other banking records made even more sensitive than would be normal to an ordinary citizen due to the nature of Mr. Cawthon's past professional career as a lawman.

Ranger Cawthon told The Legendary he apprehended the fact that his financial information had been distributed outside the scope of interest of the lawsuit through the same channels he obtained information about criminals during his career as a lawman.

“A confidential informant came forward and told me,” he said. “Over the years, you arrest people and you treat them right. When you do, it comes back to you...Hey, all this is about is this guy and I are arguing over how much money I owe him. See? That's what it's about.”

Mr. Wright also submitted a motion to prove up a certain witness in the lawsuit as an expert in order to elicit his testimony as to the true cost of certain items used in the construction. The construction contract has been described in open court as a cost-plus arrangement.

Mr. and Mrs. Cawthon respond

Reached for comment by The Legendary, the Cawthons responded in this way.

"Yes. That is what we were told, too.," said Mrs. Cawthon. "He claims that only received the deposition from Mr. Steakley." Marvin Steakley is the party involved in the lawsuit, an executive of the home building company involved.

"The deposition is about our lawsuit with the builder. It has absolutely nothing to do with anything concerning the campaign for Mr. Plemons or Mr. McNamara. The question is, "Why would Mr. Steakley give ANY documents to anyone? Especially them."


  1. After reading about Mrs. Cawthon stating she would ruin a person's reputation and build a criminal case against them it is only fair that this post remain anonymous.

    The hoopla about Mr. Attas and the problems with a contractor had nothing to do with the Sheriff's campaign. This was just an outlet to post something about Chief Plemons. Any of these people who are associated with this McNamara campaign should NEVER be allowed to work in law enforcement.

    Randy Plemons is a good man. He is an honest man and this type of dirty politics is disgusting. Just makes us all want to work harder for Chief Plemons.

    And to Scott Gates and Jim Parks....any remarks made against Jim Hawkins are rude, false and why Mr. Gates chose to attack him we do not know.

    Mr. Gates, you told some people that you were guaranteed a job if McNamara wins......just like rumor has it that Cawthon raised $10K for the candidate and he has been promised the job as Chief.

    Mr. Parks, it is also on the internet that you and Mr. Gates were thrown out of the Tea Party in McLennan County. Goodness, you have been bad bad boys......

    We support Chief Plemons......This ain't hollywood Mr. McNamara. You are totally unprepared to do this job.

  2. Thank you for sharing, Anonymous Very truly, The Legendary Jim Parks,
    a bad, bad boy...

  3. Look at Plemons badge in his campaign material,he does not know how to put on his badge,its on the right side,Larry did not dress that day,he must have tryed it himself.