Tuesday, December 27, 2011

White, male, 35, married with kids, talks business

'Let me tell you about our border...'

Somewhere in a Central Texas storefront – This is an angry white man. He is controlled, his emotions are in check, but underneath his affect, there is burning anger.

He leans back in his swivel chair, puts his chin in his hands, and thinks for a moment.

“You want to solve the drug problem and fix the economy? Easy.

“Here's all you have to do. You impose a 10% government duty on every dollar you convert to pesos and send across the border. Okay?”

What about all those auto parts made in Mexico? No import duty on those coming back across the continent, en route to Canada for assembly?

“You don't need it. The manufacturer owns the factory, they employ the workers. They have to send money down there to pay them, pay expenses, okay? Ten percent. That's what it will cost you.”

Drugs? Seems there is way too much money in that stuff, no?

“There's too much money in it? Okay We can fix that. You sell the drugs here in the U.S. You want to send the money back across the border? Ten percent. That's the cost of doing business.”

What if the customers are willing to pay the cost of doing business in order to get their drugs?

“Then you legalize it. Every form of it. Grass, heroin, cocaine – the works. You make it legal.

“You have any idea what one Iowa farmer can do with 200 acres and the legal right to grow the stuff? Huh? He can put every drug dealer in his neighborhood – for miles around – out of business. The American farmer is your secret weapon. He is the most productive man in the world – bar none. Put him to work.”

That simple?

“Yeah, Mexico is just a packaging and transshipment point. They don't grow this stuff in Mexico. They grow it in Colombia and Bolivia and Peru and Argentina, man. John Deere and the government and folks, they went down there and showed those people how to get productive...

“You can see the result.”

What is that result, among others?

He uses a forefinger to unfold his fingers, ticks them off on the fingers of the other hand.

“You can't afford to own a place and live on it, farm it.

“The price of herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, fuel – it's all sky high, so you can't make it on a place small enough to afford. It's all corporate, just like we always said it would be.”

Too many people are competing for too few resources in urban areas as a result.

A bystander interjects a comment:

“It's just like the outlaws have been saying for years; it's not a war on drugs; it's a war on the vote.”

Another moment passes, and the interlocutor adds, “You can't boogie down to Mexico, either. Those folks at the border, they...

“No, you sure don't go to Mexico," says the angry young white man. "A white man from America - speaks their language - There's something wrong...He won't live long.”

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